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The Best-Kept Secret In Digital Marketing for 2017

February 17, 2017
By Team Hello


For years, people have been trying to figure out the best ways to improve their marketing efforts. There have been major breakthroughs, especially with digital marketing, but now, there’s an answer for some of the biggest questions about websites:

“What are people doing on my website?”

“How do I know this is working?”

“This this the right content?”

Ready to learn the answer to these questions, plus more? Well, it’s right here:

Visual analytics.

The Best-Kept Secret In Digital Marketing For 2017 1

Visual analytics is marketing’s best-kept secret right now. That’s right—we’re spilling the beans on what makes so many businesses grow quickly and effectively.

It’s all about seeing exactly what people are doing on your website, and recording these sessions. Then, you can review them and make changes based on your discoveries.

But exactly why put the time and effort into visual analytics? Because, honestly, it’s so simple. It makes data capture and analysis as easy as possible.


#1 – It Shows You Where Users Leave

After enough time, users get tired of clicking, reading, and navigating your website, so they leave. If your website is complicated, people won’t invest time and effort unless you’re offering something they can’t get anywhere else.

Oftentimes, less is more. That huge chunk of text might be chasing leads away from your business. Or maybe your massive navigation menu. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have enough information, and it’s not clear where to go on a website. With visual analytics, you’ll know what the issue is.


#2 – It Shows You Where Users Get Lost

Before visual analytics, there was basically no way of finding this out without direct feedback, or standing over the shoulder of someone browsing your site. Now, you can see where people are attempting to click on words, photos, or buttons (even when there’s nothing linked),

We’ve noticed, on our site, that people like clicking images and small items, like arrows. We decided to create links for some of these items, since it creates a better user experience. Subtle changes like this can help you drastically increase leads from your website.


#3 – It Shows You What’s Broken On Your Website

Imagine having your website live for a year with no changes*, only to find out a major link is broken on your website. Or that your photos don’t show up in a certain internet browser. Or that, after changing your Twitter handle, your social button doesn’t work.

(*This is an example. Please don’t be this type of business.)

Visual analytics shows you what your visitors are seeing—the good and the bad alike. Even if you’re not interested in the highly valuable data that you’ve collected, visual analytics will add in an extra level of quality assurance to your website. That alone covers the cost.


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