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Why Your Website Accessibility Matters During COVID-19

June 4, 2020
By Joshua Hay
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Because no one knows how long the pandemic will last or how soon a cure will be discovered, people are bound to stay in their homes and rely on the internet for other needs and resources. Indeed, the internet plays an important role during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Since physical distancing is highly encouraged, people rely on online communication when it comes to connecting with people. Also, online shopping has been a helpful way for people to get their necessities without the need to leave their homes. The web also helps keep people sane and entertained during this forced social separation. However, not everyone fully enjoys their web experience because of some web design negligence. 

The current e-commerce challenge: The Accessibility

People with disabilities are also locked inside their homes. Because some sites are not handicapped accessible, they are left with fewer options when it comes to buying food, medicine, and other necessities. They cannot fully rely on the internet. 

One research group studied 10 million web pages in 2019 and got the following data: 

  • Most of the web pages studied do not comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • 98 percent of these web pages do not follow the standard set for their page menus 
  • Most of these sites aren’t navigable using a keyboard
  • Most don’t use codes, screen readers, and other assistive technology to aid people with disabilities

The blind, deaf, and motor-disabled residents are left with fewer to no choice during this isolation period. 

The advantages of incorporating web accessibility

1. Higher profit

About 15 percent of the world’s population are people with disabilities, and they also need to survive the quarantine. If your website stays true to the WCAG, more people can access your site. The more people you accommodate, the more sales you’ll get. 

2. Better protection

If you failed to follow the website standards set for your specific country, your business can be sued and fined. That’s what happened to popular websites like Domino’s Pizza, Beyonce, and CVS Pharmacy. Huge and popular websites are not the only sites required to follow the set standards. All websites, no matter what size, are prone to punishments, lawsuits, and fines. 

To avoid this, keep in mind the specific guidelines as you create your website. Your professional web designers and web developers should be knowledgable about the dos and don’t when it comes to website creation.  

3. Good reputation

People fall in love with businesses that care, especially during a pandemic period. If your brand has a purpose or advocacy, people will see more of your genuineness. It would make them appreciate your business more. Otherwise, they’ll only see your business as opportunistic and unsympathetic. 


As a website owner, your site should be inclusive to all, and as a responsible entrepreneur, it should follow the WCAG. All customers, no matter what gender, race, or capability, are important to any business. You must acknowledge their presence and do your part to accommodate their needs. Besides providing them with what you can offer and earning your profit from them, you are also giving them equal treatment, accessibility, and hope. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional web design service in Winnipeg if you need help to improve your website accessibility!

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