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Why Your Old Business Website Is Better Than a New One

August 12, 2021
By Joshua Hay

A website is your business’s gateway to the digital world. With billions of people on mobile, most businesses are reliant on online resources. And along with the world’s constant evolution towards advancement, business owners might feel pressure to make everything new. 

Your business website is crucial to your long-term success, and it’s awfully tempting to just build something from scratch. But as Calgary web designers offer services that might entice you to pay for a brand new website, we’ll explain to you why your old website is actually better than a new one.

How Websites Generally Work for Businesses

Most designers would probably bite into one’s offer of requesting to make a brand new website. To further secure the deal and make a bigger profit, a web designer can flash great items and services in return. 

While that may seem like a good idea, it is a risk for one’s business and the web designer’s reputation. Because thinking about it, it would be more professional to advise clients to reassess their existing website. Why? Because websites work as a route. Regardless of how it looks, the earlier you establish your website, the more people will use it over time. If you’ve had your website for over a decade, you’ve amassed a lot of traffic and have likely become an excellent resource for some customers.

In a simple example, you know that your website works when you get visits every day that lead to sales conversions. This simply means that your website, as a tool to your business, is serving its purpose. And even the oldest, most out-of-date website design can still establish itself in the online world. That’s why switching to a new site could potentially lead to a tremendous loss in traffic and, therefore, negatively affect your business.

When Business Owners Decide They Want a New Website

Most business owners want change because of their website’s overall visual appeal. At some point, the website they once loved and adored has turned into an eyesore with outdated designs from top to bottom. Brought by the pressure of seeing contemporary designs all over the web, they feel that it would be best to tear everything down and build something new and beautiful.

But before deciding on such an extreme solution, it’s best to see if the website is still serving its purpose despite looking old-fashioned. Is it performing well in searches? Are you still generating decent profit? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then a redesign is what you need, not a brand new website.

What a Good Web Designer Will Tell You

As mentioned above, it is very easy to tell how effectively a website is performing—just look at your analytics! And as for good web designers, it is the peak of professionalism to offer advice or services that benefit clients in the long run. If your website is looking old but can still contribute to your business, a good web designer would strategize on how to use your established following from your old website. This comes with retaining old URLs and thorough redirection for any brand new pages to be built.

Ultimately, an assessment before you decide should come first. And between a new and an old website, it would be better to improve and redesign the old one. 


A website’s established following is an asset to a company. As long as everything is properly and strategically linked, your redesigned web page is only going to boost your business. And lastly, it will likely be much cheaper to redesign instead of building a brand new website from the ground up.

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