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What Would Your Business App Do?

January 26, 2015
By Team Hello

Every year, we see changes in trends for connected businesses. One of the biggest right now is the use of mobile apps by a wider variety of companies.

We’re not talking about games or amusements, either. Applications go beyond the abilities of a website to manage information for you and your customers, handle media such as video, audio or images, and provide an additional value by keeping your logo and name more visible within your customers’ mobile devices.

Being mobile friendly is now a basic expectation for consumers – but businesses succeed by going above and beyond expectations. That’s where apps come in.

So you have a mobile website, or a responsive design – great. You’ll still be ahead of the curve for a while, as mobile adoption isn’t universal just yet. It should also be clear to you that mobile, as a method of ongoing communication, is going to remain important for a long time, so it’s worth the investment to grow your mobile offerings.

No matter how big your content library is, it’s still content for the web, designed to market your products and services. Its job is to appear where your customers search for it, provide key information concisely, and move people through your sales process. Mobile apps often take over where mobile websites leave off – providing an initial value before a sale, or ongoing service after one.

What can a great business app do?

There’s a lot of potential in business apps – the first part of realizing this potential is deciding who will be using the app.

Will this be a tool for your staff? If so, what need will it address for them? Does it replace or enhance existing CRM or database solutions? Will there be a web component they can interact with, when they’re at a desk? An internal app can cover a lot of monitoring, scheduling, and management functions if designed well – but becomes cumbersome and frustrating if it’s not focused.

Perhaps you want to build a tool for your customers – something they can download and use whenever they like. In that case, what interactions between you and these customers will this app build on? Will it handle payment processing, loyalty program rewards, or product information? Will it replace their user manuals or other documentation?

No matter who will be using your business’ app, always consider what need it answers. There’s no better way to make sure the app will be used than to make it useful.

Gimmicks, games, and toys have their place in the app ecosystem, but they may not belong in yours. If someone’s downloading and using your app, it’s a sign of investment in your business that deserves your attention and respect.

As with any marketing or support action, the better you can meet the needs of your customers, especially on their terms, the more success you’ll see.

If you have any questions about mobile apps for your business, we’d love to talk. Leave a comment here, or get in touch with us.

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