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What is Parallax Web Design and Can it Affect SEO?

October 28, 2021
By Joshua Hay

With new trends in web design comes Parallax. Now what is Parallax web design? — it’s a design that allows backgrounds to operate in a 3D-like effect as you scroll down the page. These are similar to ones used in 2D gaming, and they bring out a unique form of web design that many firms have begun to utilise.

However, what exactly do we know about Parallax web design, and is it actually good to use for your website? Read on for a quick breakdown of Parallax Web Design and whether or not you should use it on your website. 

Why Brands Use Parallax Web Design

Brands have been using Parallax web design for a number of reasons. Because it is highly interactive, it brings out a certain “wow factor” that makes their website look and feel unique. Parallax scrolling animations breathe life into the page, with the animations adding a very attractive effect.

It also boosts engagement with the audience, as website visitors can play around with the website’s interactivity. This new design allows you to tell your story in a unique way.

Possible Negative Effects

Of course, anything new won’t be perfect. Although Parallax makes web design more engaging, there are still some downsides. In fact, it can affect your website’s SEO significantly.

SEO Complications

One significant reason why Parallax is bad for your SEO is that search engines are typically looking for websites that are rich in content. Because Parallax uses animated scrolling, you will have to try to condense as many pages as you can into one.

As a result, not only are you reducing your pages but your use of headers as well. Having a lot of information on one page reduces the need for multiple H1 headers. This causes saturation of keywords in one page, which is not a great SEO practice.

Slows Down Loading Time

Another important SEO guideline is for websites to have loading times as quickly as possible. Due to Parallax’s code, it will take the entire page quite a bit more time to load than if you were using a traditional website design. 

Parallax uses computation for each jquery script, which could take longer depending on how much information your website contains. This is not ideal for online consumers with slower internet speeds, which reduces user satisfaction.

Browser and Device Complications

The complexity of Parallax’s code will also make it more difficult to load in specific browsers. For instance, if your website renders well in Firefox, it might not work as great for Chrome.

Similarly, it can be more difficult for mobile users to navigate. You will have to design a website that is mobile-friendly to increase its reach. If your mobile-based patrons are not satisfied with the loading time and rendering, it could be bad news for your brand.

Harder Analytics 

Finally, gathering data for a Parallax design could be significantly more complicated than your traditional website. As everything is condensed into one page, it can be difficult to gauge what pages or content your audience responds to the best.


If you’re planning on using a Parallax design for your website, consider the disadvantages, which would negatively affect your SEO performance. There are some workarounds to these challenges, such as developing a static version of the website as well as the Parallax version. 

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