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How Website Design Influences Business Success

January 27, 2022
By Joshua Hay

Twenty years ago, a business with a website was way ahead of the curve. Nowadays, websites are a must, consumers’ focus shifting from the website itself to the quality of the browsing experience. At this point, if you’re doing without a cutting-edge, easy-to-navigate, crisp, and slick website, you’re not doing much to help your business thrive. If you’re building a website from the ground up or giving your existing page a much-needed makeover, here’s why you’re heading in the right direction. 

SEO: Google Can Find You

Every website will link back to Google at some point. Thus, if you’re running an eCommerce business in NSW selling gadgets, you’ll want to rank first when users search for “tech store in NSW.” As with any business venture, the results don’t come easy. 

Keep your site from becoming buried in anonymity by optimising every internal page for search engines. There are several ways to achieve a first-page ranking status: 

  • Incorporate purposeful keywords into your content. 
  • Aim for backlinks and publish internal links.
  • Add metadata to the back end of your website. 
  • Fill out your Google My Business listing with updated information. 

UX: Do People Enjoy Your Site?

A quality site is all for naught if your visitors can’t find what they are looking for. What makes a website an excellent experience is several things: 

  • How fast your page loads—if your website is latent, people will click out in less than three seconds. 
  • Visitors want a simple solution. Keep everything within reach and calls to action clear. 
  • Keep your fonts, elements, and layout appealing yet straightforward. 

Mobile-Friendliness: It’s all in the iPhone (or Android)

In 2019, mobile-optimised sites topped the Google charts. To fight your way to the top, your website is going to have to be mobile-friendly, whether adaptive or responsive. Nowadays, most Internet users are active on-the-go. Thus, you’ll want to be discoverable everywhere—not just on a laptop!

Visuals: Less is More

A user-friendly website is also reader-friendly. Creating mass amounts of low-quality content won’t get you to rank, even with the right keywords. When visitors realise your content is mostly filler or, worse, inaccurate, they won’t hesitate to click out in a heartbeat. 

Keep your content brief but engaging, and something readers will be willing to share with others. Doing so will give you better control over your bounce rate, which can downgrade your site on search engines if people are abandoning it halfway. 

Unity: Your Online Hub

Your website should double as a hub for all your online operations. It should provide an omnichannel experience where users can learn about and purchase your products, read your content, leave reviews, and engage in customer services. 

Similarly, your social media accounts can serve multiple purposes, from highlighting new products, communicating new discounts and promotions, and providing solutions to user issues. 


A website is now an essential factor for any successful marketing strategy. However, without a clear goal or vision, your efforts can falter and turn away potential customers. Focusing on SEO, user experience, and quality content, marrying your website and social media channels is effortless and rewarding. 

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