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Top 5 Website Design Clichés We See All The Time

March 7, 2016
By Team Hello

We build a lot of different websites for clients in different fields. As a result, we’ve noticed a few trends that seem to be overwhelmingly popular in the web design world. Some trends, like the dancing baby animation, have obviously been laid to rest by now, but as times change, new website design cliches surface.

Here’s our list on the top 5 website design clichés we see all the time:

1) Too Much Animation

With so many design and animation options out there, it’s easy to want your website to have all the coolest ones on every page.

Like a chef choosing spices, only certain ones are visually compatible—and only a couple (if at all!) are actually necessary. Anything more, and your website will look tacky.

See what the top websites in your industry are doing for a better idea as to what’s appropriate. It also helps if your designer is familiar with your specific field, since some fields need to appear more professional than others—and therefore, some animations won’t cut it.

2) Pop-ups. Pop-ups everywhere.

There’s nothing we hate more than clicking on a website or blog, only for it to instantly bring up a window asking you to download something or enter personal information. Like, give us a second to actually see what you’re about first!

Things like ads and subscription offers aren’t about to disappear, but there’s got to be a better way than instantly forcing your website visitors to commit to something after 0.5 seconds of being on your site.

Several sites wait until you’ve reached the bottom of the page before they prompt you to subscribe, and others wait until you’ve visited more than once. These are good starts, but still—we’re waiting for someone to do it so well that it doesn’t seem intrusive at all.

3) Splash Pages

Remember when splash pages were a practical website tool that people celebrated and enjoyed? Neither do we.

C’mon, guys—2007 is over, and unless you’re a beer company whose website is required by law to loosely filter for 18-and-older visitors, please don’t use a splash page.

Instead, create a Home page or landing pages that rock. Make each page essential to your design and marketing strategy.

4) Weather Tickers

Yeah, so we thought that these were relics of the ancient past too, but some clients insist that we include them on websites. A weather widget is just superfluous content that’ll make your website seem cluttered, or even outdated, regardless of how old it really is. 

Seriously, if your website visitors want to check the weather, they’ll check their smartphone, or a nearby window.

5) “Artistic” About Pages

So you want your website to be creative—good. We endorse creativity. That being said, your website has a purpose to serve, and if you choose to get a little too “artistic” and wordy, your visitors won’t understand what you’ve written.

Get someone who doesn’t know much about your industry to read over your About page copy. Does that person understand it? Does it offer any valuable information about your products, services, or brand? If not, it might be something to reconsider.

Do you see any of these clichés on websites? Do you have any clichés to suggest? If so, leave a comment!

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Top 5 Website Design Clichés We See All The Time 1
Source: Hello BLOG