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The Top 7 Reasons to Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation

April 16, 2019
By Team Hello

Inbound marketing methods are offering a tremendous return on investment to marketers. As seen in the figure below, we can see that most of the marketers are planning to either increase or keep the inbound marketing budget constant. It shows that marketers are satisfied with their digital marketing campaign results.

The Top 7 Reasons To Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation 1
Image Source: Econsultancy

With that said, we need useful tools and strategies to get the desired results. HubSpot Inbound marketing software is a fantastic software that allows you to automate your email sequences, monitor social media campaigns, manage your advertising campaigns from a single interface, and more. HubSpot lets you get your feet wet without any cost.

It is true that you can increase your company’s revenue by focusing on customer retention. However, it is not possible to grow at a steady rate without getting new leads.

For a new company, it must generate leads to get customers and increase or maintain their revenue. It is possible to get a list of potential customers for your company with outbound marketing methods. However, most of those methods may not be feasible for startups and small/medium companies.

In this article, we will discuss why companies should look at inbound marketing to generate leads.

Top 7 Reasons for Considering Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation

Many inbound marketing methods are available. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section of this article, we will talk about inbound marketing in general and why you should use it for generating the list of possible customers for your company.

  1. Low cost and real-time tracking

The large corporations spend hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars on advertisements each year. They spend their budget on all sorts of channels like TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, digital media, and so on.

However, many companies do not have hundreds of millions of dollars in advertisement. Inbound marketing methods are appropriate for both small and huge corporations. One can get started for as low as $5 with inbound marketing. For instance, you can do that with Facebook, Google, and so on.

You can create several ad sets and track their performance. If an ad set is not performing, you can stop that specific ad set. Not only that, the platform like Facebook lets you create an advertisement that is specifically for generating a list.

The Top 7 Reasons To Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation 2
Image Source: Sprout Social
  1. Create landing pages that work

The landing page is an extremely effective way of collecting information. We usually give away something valuable for free in exchange for the potential customer’s information to be in touch with them in the future. It can be free e-book, course, whitepaper, and more.

We can create multiple landing pages that serve different segments of the target audience or audience in different buying stage. It increases the chances of them sharing the information with you.

Today, we can even create landing pages with dynamic text replacement. It means that the different sets of visitors will observe different texts that are more likely to lure them into giving away their information.

The Top 7 Reasons To Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation 3
Image Source: delio
  1. Laser target the audience whom you want to cater to the ads

The inbound marketing methods despite costing less money enable you to laser target your audience. Corporations like Google, Facebook, and so on have access to a lot of data, more data than you could ever imagine. These companies let you use that information to help you get more return on your advertisement investment.

You can segment your audience based on age, gender, recent behavior, interest, and more. The tech companies offer you everything that you need to get the best outcome from your efforts.

Moreover, the massive tech companies are also using artificial intelligence to increase the quality of their targeting further. It can suggest the appropriate audience that is more likely to respond to your ads.

  1. You can retarget internet users

Internet users see tons of ads and new offers every single day. Most of them get tired to see a lot of ads. Because of a lot of exposure to many different ads, internet users hardly interact with the posts.

The people like to interact with businesses that they know and trust. With retargeting ads, you can increase the chances of getting more engagement. According to the latest survey, around 3 out of 4 internet users notice retargeted ads.

Even if you offer something for free, there is a chance that the first-time viewer of your ad may not give away their information. However, you can now retarget the people who have seen your ad by revealing more features and showing ads from different perspectives to entice them to leave their information.

  1. Reach out to a targeted audience for free with SEO

As per the report generated by Internet Live Stat, Google receives around 73,816 queries per second. Just imagine the volume of targeted traffic that you can get via search engines if you manage to rank on the first page of popular search engines. Furthermore, the audience that you receive is highly interested in your product/service.

Furthermore, the traffic that you receive from search engines is likely to convert. If you can offer a fantastic piece of content to your visitors, you are guaranteed to convince them to do business with you. Link your money page to the traffic-generating page and see the magic.

  1. Build your brand authority

It costs nothing for your company to create pages on social media platforms. To create an online presence by hosting a site, you can do that under $200 annually. The people are more likely to deal with businesses with online presence than companies that have no online presence.

By being active in inbound marketing activities, you can reach out to more people and be omnipresent.

The Top 7 Reasons To Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation 4
Image Source: BE

After finding out that you have a strong brand authority, the internet users are more likely to trust you and reward you with their contact information.

  1. Can collaborate with other influencers

People are more likely to trust influencers than celebrities. And, it is not a difficult thing to collaborate with micro-influencers once you have a little bit of authority in an online space. You must have seen many YouTubers interviewing other influencers on their niche. It helps them get attention from their followers and get their followers to share their information with you.

By collaborating with other influencers, you can broaden your reach and build more authority. Both businesses benefit from the collaboration. What you can do is ask an influencer to promote your link in their description and direct their followers to your landing page.

What’s your take?

Generating leads is not an option for businesses. Only a tiny portion of the population purchases without lead nurturing. Currently, inbound marketing methods, if implemented with proper strategies and tools, work like a charm to help companies, both small and big, to generate leads.

Are the reasons convincing enough for you to go for inbound marketing to generate leads? I believe you have got some sound reasons to choose inbound marketing for gaining access to the information of potential customers. Are there any more reasons to go for inbound marketing? Let us know your thoughts below.

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