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The Significant Benefits of Explainer Videos

July 8, 2019
By Team Hello
the best video marketing platforms for 2019

In the last decade, one of the most brilliant things that have engulfed the market segment is the emergence of the digital marketing spectrum. Now there have been several ways in which digital marketing has indeed changed the brand enhancement strategies, but it is to be understood that without innovative techniques, even this dimension would go dull.

That is precisely the time when Explainer videos step in.

Right now, the most notable trend is, of course, the video marketing which has been able to create a lot of difference, of course, in lead generation as well as the profitability of the company.

Today we are going to talk about some of the significant benefits of the explainer videos and why every company should start implementing it right away.

It is indeed shocking that 45% of the people indulge in video watching on various social media platforms every single day.

Benefits that are beyond expectations


As we all know, human beings don’t have much patience nowadays and, that is the reason why it is hard to keep them glued to a single content for long. Especially when the person has to read it or look at an illustration, it becomes even more stringent.

This is the right time to introduce them to explainer videos because they are concise and do not take much time to make the viewer understand the gist.

The videos are only a few minutes long, which is the reason why it is impactful. It has been seen that the videos that are less than 15 seconds are 37% more sharable.


In the Videos, there is not much beating around the bush because it shows the viewers the problem which they are most likely facing and also the perfect solution to the same. This makes them relate to the video more and actually, helps in convincing them, ultimately leading to a better lead generation. Therefore, it indirectly enhances the profitability and the sales structure of the brand. Even if you present the same with the help of written content, it will not be entertained by the viewers as much as the videos- one of the main reasons to implement the same.


In the written content as well as in the illustrations, sometimes the matter can get monotonous, which is not at all acceptable by the readers. Now to invoke the creativity, there can be nothing better than the explainer videos in which there are scripts and storylines. 

You can use music as well as dialogues to make the content more relatable and therefore, the video watching will be increased to a great experience. The better engaging video you deliver, the more will be the profitability.

 Most of the creative artists are bending towards the video making sessions because the demand for these is increasing with every passing date.

The Significant Benefits Of Explainer Videos 1


Once an explainer video is created, you will be able to use it anywhere you want, and it makes the advertisements as well as the endorsement incredibly easy. It can be used in numerous contexts and on all the social media platforms so that it is likeable and shareable to get maximum reach. It can also be implemented in the presentation form if you want to showcase it at any event. 

If you want, you can also have the best of the videos exhibited on the landing page itself so that the users can get access to it whenever they are visiting the official website. These videos are crisp and short, which makes them easily transferable from one platform to the other.


Gone are the days in which the written and drawn content used to be the centre of attention for the users. When it comes to learning, nothing can beat the explainer videos because it is quick to grab the attention of the viewers.

It is an accessible elementary medium so that the viewers can learn whenever they are willing to learn. The best thing about videos is that they can help in enhancing the learning segment of the individual, and that is the reason why you do not have to spend much time. Now, you are not learning by leading and taking note of the drawings as these videos are highly effective and efficient to enhance your quick learning process.

The Best Video Marketing Platforms For 2019


Even when the main agenda of the videos is to hit the new viewers, yet it has the desired effect on the old members as well because it helps in the definitive learning so that the brand name can be engraved in the minds of the audience. 

If your company deals with several products and services, then watching the video only once will not help. The more you can make them listen, the better chance is there for increased sales. That is one of the primary reasons why you need to make the video worth watching twice.


These videos are crisp and short, which is why you would love to edit it and make it multifunctional. It is easy for you to switch certain elements around easily with these explainer videos because you will be able to add and remove something according to your convenience.

For example, you will be able to change the video music or the background effect without changing the gist, and then you can use it differently on several social media platforms to eliminate any monotony.


By uploading a video, you will be able to showcase the quality of the brand with the help of the tone and music that you place in the same. It becomes a signature for your company and if it is engaging enough, then within no time, you will be able to see the effect like a bonfire.

It is not essential for the brand to be extravagant while spreading the videos as even the smallest budget explainer videos can bring about the same effect if you can present it in the picture perfect manner.


The moment you create and upload the explainer videos regarding the products and services of your brand, you will be able to mark the stark difference that will affect the sales turnover for you.

Therefore the convincing becomes more manageable, and the brand loyalty increases for sure. If your video is impactful enough, you will be able to mark the changes without fail. 80% of the business groups have turned to the explainer video segment as a significant business strategy.


With the help of the explainer videos, you get to bring out the best of the company provisions that are given to the customers, and they can easily understand why they will buy the products and services in the first place.

All in all, explainer videos can be a significant hit if it is appropriately implemented and it is high time that all the small, as well as large scale companies, start with them for the betterment of their establishment. Did you know that when it was asked from the shoppers, 90% believed in the video to make marketing decisions?

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