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The Best Place to Put A Chatbot: Your Strategic Guideline

July 30, 2020
By Joshua Hay

Now is the time where the use of social media is on the rise. People love this platform because they get instant and real-life replies from people and brands. If you have a business and want to level up your lead generation and customer service game, incorporating a conversational marketing strategy on your site would be life-changing. Besides having “online representatives” welcoming your potential clients and answering their questions, chatbots make the engagement one-on-one and on-the-spot. 

However, just because you’re using chatbots doesn’t mean you’ll get better conversion results. It could give you that if you know the best scenarios when to use them. To provide you with an idea, here are some guidelines for finding the right location for your conversational marketing via a chatbot.

The Ideal Chatbot Placement

Guideline 1: Place them where they will be more functional

Always place your chatbots to the efforts you think are most appropriate. You have to determine whether it should be under your marketing efforts or sales efforts, but never on both. Some people confuse the purpose of these two. Although they are somehow related, they have different goals. Marketing focuses on making people interested in the goods and services you offer, while sales sell them the actual products and services. 

What You Are Avoiding

You wouldn’t want curious people browsing your site to feel forced to buy your product just because a chatbot appeared while they’re getting to know your brand, would you? Your site visitor who was just browsing your content, email campaigns, or landing pages might be surprised or overwhelmed when a salesperson through a bot suddenly interrupts their browsing. 

What You Should Do

Here’s how you can determine the proper placement of your chatbot: check your marketing funnel. Your marketing funnel contains your ideal customer journey—from the initial stages to the purchasing stage, conversion, and beyond. 

Evaluate your funnel and see which stage needed a boost. Some areas on your funnel will require more time to convert higher volume over time, so you should distinguish them from the rest. 

For example, if sales are at the end of your funnel, then adding a sales chatbot on your purchase efforts would help your business. However, if they are only in the awareness phase, such as reading an email campaign, engaging them into a talk might not be necessary. Your email campaign is already one way of conversing with them, so adding a chatbot may seem distracting. 

If you are looking at your Google Analytics and are able to identify where customers are leaving your page, placing a chatbot there will help you retain customers and identify why they leave at this step in the buying journey.

Recommended Site Pages for Chatbots

  • Product page
  • Pricing page
  • Event page
  • Free tools
  • Demo sign-ups
  • Complex landing page
  • Other sales-related pages

Guideline 2: Never place your chatbots on web pages you want people to read

Like the concept of your email campaign, do not put a chatbot on pages you want your users to take the time to read. For example, placing your chatbot on your homepage wouldn’t be ideal. A website’s homepage serves as the introduction of your business to your site visitors. You designed it to help educate your visitors and navigate them towards where they should go next. 

What You Are Avoiding

If you place a chatbot on your homepage, some users might ask what they need to know about your business to your bot instead of checking out your site.

What You Should Do

Know the right timing for everything. Make conversations with people that have more potential of buying your services or products instead of talking with just about anyone. If the visitor intends to get to know your business, let your website do it for you. You can place your chatbot on a more specific page on your site to help you achieve your target conversion. 

For example, adding a chatbot on your pricing page would be a great idea. The pricing page is usually where anyone can quickly browse, and people checking out this page most probably are interested in acquiring your service or product. If you add a bot during this consumer journey, you’ll be able to help answer some questions they have in mind about what interests them. Since most people also have the same questions about pricing, it would be easier for the bot to answer all their FAQs. 

Pages NOT Ideal for Chatbots

  • Homepage
  • About 
  • Blog
  • Lead generation landing pages 


Conversational marketing is an excellent effort to add to your website; however, to make the most of it, you need to follow a good strategy. Focusing on its purpose would always be a great start. Placing your chatbots where people will need them would make your investment more worthwhile.

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