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4 Reasons Why UX Website Design is Important

August 19, 2021
By Joshua Hay
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Businesses worldwide have been embracing digitalization, and as a result, their websites are becoming increasingly complicated. What was once a one-way, static medium has transformed into a rich and engaging experience. Regardless of how many advancements and improvements are made, the one factor that can decide a website’s success stays constant: how the public can use it.

Hence, user experience (UX) website design is gaining prominence since it boosts user satisfaction. To put it simply, UX makes complicated things simple to use. Continue reading to learn more about it.

What is UX Website Design?

The total experience when visiting a website or app is referred to as user experience (UX). It is concerned with all elements of the company’s online connection with present or future consumers. Here are some of the advantages you may get from it.

1. Good UX Design Improves Online Visibility

To begin with, a good UX design helps with search engine optimization (SEO), which means you can attract more organic traffic to the target website. A user-friendly interface, a well-designed structure, and well-optimized content can all help you achieve this.

Additionally, UX design can help you gain popularity among your target audience. Social media share buttons are included in UX design so that users who love your website can tell their friends about it. As a result, the website grows in popularity and receives free advertising.

All of this will increase your internet visibility, resulting in more visitors and sales conversions!

2. Good UX Design Costs Less 

UX design involves various development steps. Prototyping is an essential phase in this process that may help you save a lot of time and money. It entails producing an identical mock-up of your website without the key features.

Doing this helps you get feedback from a small group of users early on in the development process. Their opinions and insights are vital so you can implement improvements before the final output. This saves money since making changes once the product has reached its final stage is time-consuming and expensive.

3. Good UX Design Increases Sales

Customers who want to buy a product or service from your website will have no trouble doing so because UX design’s primary objective is to make an online transaction easier. For example, if you sell clothes, customers may quickly narrow their searches depending on the item they’re looking for, colour choice, size, and style. This will lessen their apprehension and encourage them to purchase whatever it is they are seeking.

4. Good UX Design Builds Brand Trust

A good UX design makes the client feel at ease and encourages them to return to your website time and again. This will help your brand build trust and credibility, which is crucial if you want to stand out from your competitors. In fact, an excellent website design accounts for 75 percent of the credibility of your website.

Furthermore, your online reputation has a significant impact on the generation of additional leads and revenues. If you are in Canada, employing a seasoned UX web designer in Calgary can help you achieve your ultimate goals in terms of client loyalty and retention.


Your website is a digital portfolio that reveals more about your firm, its beliefs and viewpoints, and your products or services. UX website design will benefit your company by providing users with simple, efficient, relevant, and all-around enjoyable experiences.

If you are looking for someone to help you with web design in Calgary, Hello Digital Marketing can help you. We love creating digital solutions for all types of businesses, whether you’re designing a website, building a brand, or delighting audiences. Talk to us now!