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Our Guide to Traffic Surges: Website Optimization Tips

April 21, 2021
By Joshua Hay
website optimization

Nothing feels quite as good as knowing that you’re getting more and more visitors to your website every day. When you get more visits, more people are interested in your brand and the likelihood of getting higher sales will increase.

When you launch a new campaign, put out a new product, or host a sale, your website will most likely experience a traffic surge. Although it can be great for your business, if your website isn’t prepared and optimized, it might do more harm to your company than good.

Without proper website preparation, surges may push your site to underperform, cause disruptions, or even knock it offline. When this happens, especially during peak hours, it may cost you a ton of money, and you could also reduce your conversion rates, harming your sales. 

For this reason, business owners make it a point to hire web design experts to ensure that proper steps are followed to adequately optimize their site. Having a well-designed and optimized website will enhance the user’s experience and ensure that they go deeper through the sales funnel. 

If you’re preparing for a campaign or a website sale, here are some things you need to do behind the scenes to ensure your website is ready for a sudden wave of visitors. Let’s dive in!

Why Sudden Traffic Surges Are A Problem

Traffic spikes on your website, depending on your WebHost and servers, can create turbulence. This could affect the overall experience of your customer and the performance of your site, leading to crashes and disrupted sales flows.

Here are some tips that could help prevent these mishaps:

1. Know Your Web Host

One of the biggest reasons your website may experience a downfall during traffic surges is your web host or hosting provider. When you have a poorly designed website, you’ll most likely experience performance drops, but if you have a bad line of code and server issues, you may be setting yourself up for failure. 

Because of this, it’s essential to understand and familiarize yourself with what your web host can offer you. Besides that, it may be best to consider dedicated hosting for an optimum performance experience. 

Additionally, working with a reputable web design professional will ensure that your site is well-designed and optimized, so it’s fit for traffic surges and your hosting provider. 

2. Use a Cache System

Fortunately, with content management systems and platforms, you can install different plugins and add-ons that could elevate the performance and functionality of your website. And one notable plugin that you should utilize is your caching tool. 

A cache helps lighten the load on your server and speeds up your website’s performance and loading times. This is because your clients will have the cached version of your website, allowing them to load your site with much ease. 

With that being said, it’s best to consider having a cache system, seeing that it’s a win-win situation that improves stability and performance while giving your clients a better user experience. 

3. Optimize Your Website’s Elements

One of the things business owners forget is to optimize images and files found on the website. Fortunately, when you team up with a reliable web design expert, they’re able to optimize all the elements in your site, ensuring a faster loading speed and reduction of crashes. 

When your clients experience a better loading time in your site, they’ll most likely stick around and browse through all your website content, pushing them to convert into customers.

The Bottom Line: Putting Website Optimization at the Top of Your List Will Ensure High Returns and Better Customer Experience

Many business owners forget that when there is a surge of traffic to your website, the likelihood of your website crashing and experiencing problems is much higher. When this happens, it may affect your client’s experience and even push them to bounce from your site. 

For this reason, it’s best to work with a digital marketing agency that can help you with your web design needs and ensure that your site is ready for a massive wave of visitors.

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