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3 Myths That Hinder Business Owners From Getting a Website

July 2, 2020
By Joshua Hay
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If you’re a serious business owner and not a hobbyist trying to earn a small side income, then you need a website. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or that you haven’t achieved profitability: you need to establish your online presence quickly. 

At the same time, there are several misconceptions about getting a website that has become prevalent that many business owners resist getting their own and have lost out on potential revenues. 

In this article, we will share three common myths that hinder business owners from getting a website and the truth behind them: 

Myth #1: “Getting a website is expensive”

Depending on the complexity of its design and implementation, it’s a relatively inexpensive endeavour for most businesses. If you’re not an e-commerce website that needs order forms, easy to use checkout systems, or multiple payment options, you’ll do fine with a simple site. Your website can be as simple as a collection of pages that introduces your company, its services, a semi-regular blog, and a contact form. 

If you look hard enough, you can even find hosting services that will let you have a website for free, provided that you can accept being a subdomain, or having a lower bandwidth cap. 

Myth #2: “You need to hire more people to maintain a website”

If that you have decent writing skills and can learn an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, you can even do the updates by yourself. Many business owners go by this route and have managed to gain success in increasing their website traffic. 

However, there are still services that can take care of updating and maintaining your website so that you can focus on running your business. Often, these companies will also offer services in search engine optimization and content marketing, where you can be as hands-on in the operation as you like. 

Myth #3: “You don’t need a website for your business”

According to Adweek, 81% of consumers admit to researching a business online before going through with a purchase or transaction. If you’ve ever tried to get a deal and gotten turned down but don’t know why, this is probably your answer, especially if you’re a new brand. Having a website will instantly add credibility to your business because it allows customers to reach you. 

Additionally, having a website lends an impression of credibility. If your website is professionally made, people will form good first impressions of your company, which gets you closer to converting them from prospects to paying customers. 

Aside from adding credibility, your website is also a powerful marketing tool. Just by existing, your website is already selling your company’s products and services on your behalf. A solid website not only allows you to reach more people, but it also lays the foundation for future transactions. 


A website is often the first thing that you prospect customers see. A robust one will not only introduce your company, but it will also entertain, educate them about your industry, and allow you to present the unique value that your company can bring to the table. As of January 2020, there are 1.74 billion websites on the Internet. If you still don’t have one, you’re missing out on many opportunities for growth. 

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