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10 Fresh Ideas for Creating Great Product Content

May 13, 2020
By Team Hello

When launching a new product and marketing it digitally it should be accompanied by content that will describe to the very finest details. The company should create goal-oriented content that intends to create more conversions and increase sales.

Every type of content should be leveraged, including the text used for the description, images and product videos. How can you create great product content? Here are 10 fresh ideas for creating great product content that will eventually result in conversions.

Rich product content descriptions

After hearing of the product, most potential buyers would like to know more about it and they will search for its description. The copy you write here is very important because it should have the power to incite those reading it to make a purchase. 

Although you should not hard-sell in this section, the description should be appeasing. Do not dwell on the specifications much but rather explain it in a way you would to a friend.

Images of the product

Pictures speak a thousand words and the importance of using them as part of your product content can’t be overestimated. If you do not include sufficient pictures, potential buyers may not be so sure about making a purchase. 

Product photography holds great importance here. The pictures need to be aesthetically beautiful and show different angles of the product. If the product has different colours, include pictures and options of them all to show customers how products realistically look in those user preferences.

360-degree visuals

Some businesses have found it beneficial to use 360-degree visualizations of the products instead of including a lot of images. Including 3 or 4 images and one 360-visualization will improve the customer experience. 

Including a lot of images can slow the loading speed of the page but minimizing their amount and using 360 technology instead might cause the site to load faster. You can get a great eCommerce site set up by using WSP Visual or Web Rotate 360.

Short videos

You can use short videos to explain the products in more detail and highlight their performance. Samsung is the leading expert in this when advertising new smartphone models. 

They portray the excellence of the camera by short videos and other important details are included in each video. You can follow their example and show the product in real action and highlight key technical specifications. The videos should be short enough to be posted on all social media channels.

How-to content

When launching a new product that is a little bit too complex, creating how-to guides is essential. Alternatively, if you supply products such as ingredients, including a recipe on how to practically use the product can be beneficial.

Some companies have decided to include the how-to content before the page that allows buyers to make a purchase. It gives them a sense of understanding of what they are about to buy and decreases the need for customer support.

Leveraging UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) has become very important in influencing customer purchase decisions. You should leverage UGC to the best of your ability like Target does with posts related to them. 

The company collects them and dumps them into one page on their website where users can get to see what other customers think. You can encourage UGC by creating contests and offering incentives to those posting content about your product. Also, like, share, and comment on your UGC to show appreciation.

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Utilizing real-life models

Using real-life models is essential for businesses involved in the clothing and apparel industry. The fashion industry has witnessed many changes in the way products are displayed from using a traditional mannequin and switching to invisible mannequins.

These approaches have worked great but sometimes customers find that they did not get what they saw marketed. To avoid any confusion and customer complaints, get models to wear the clothes, making the images look as realistic as possible.

Translate specifications to everyday language

The specifications of a product are very essential and should be given a separate section and not included much in the description. Even when separated, they should not be too confusing and at the same time, they must paint a clear picture of the product. 

To avoid adding confusion, try to steer away from using complex acronyms but rather spell it out. Also, use units of measurement that are widely accepted in the target country.

Product sheets 

B2B businesses should never forget product sheets for their offers because that is where they can get technical. Buyers will get the opportunity to acquire all specifications that will give the assurance that they will be buying the right product. 

If they are unclear on the technical data B2B buyers may not bother to take the next step leading them to purchase. On the website, include the product sheets with technical drawings of the product as well if they are not proprietary information. 

Social media challenges

Social media challenges have been the most effective way of making brand messaging viral. You can also use this effective method by launching a challenge that involves your product offers. Social media challenges go viral very easily and that will accomplish the goal of being visible to the largest audience.

The bottom line

Product marketing is an important skill to master and will apply to your day-to-day tasks if you are running an online shop. You can launch social media channels to get the message out far and wide and then prepare the business’ website. 

Businesses can achieve the latter by using 360 visualization tools and including product videos. Do not forget including a few pictures of the product that shows the products and use real-life models whenever possible to portray the item realistically.

Author Bio:

Leon Collier is a freelance writer from the UK, who works for Assignment Help Australia and covers a wide range of topics ranging from business to technology and travel to pop-culture. When he’s not writing, he enjoys reading and playing tabletop games on Saturday with his friends. Find him on twitter @LeonCollier12.

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