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How to Use Hashtags & Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Brand

February 3, 2021
By Joshua Hay
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To say that Instagram has grown exponentially in the past few years is an understatement. Who would have thought that hashtags would transform the way businesses and marketers make use of this platform? Indeed, that unassuming “#” plays a significant role in the success of every brand’s social media marketing campaign today. 

If you also want your brand to benefit from it, here are five vital points to help you get the most out of an Instagram hashtag campaign with the help of influencers:

1. Use the Right Hashtags for Instagram

How do you know which hashtags to use? The first step is to research what your competitors are using, which will give you an idea of those that work and the ones you could skip. You may also simply use the search tool on Instagram to get information like which hashtags are relevant to your industry, which related ones you could use, and which are being used by reputable influencers in your field. 

2. Plan Your Campaign

Before you roll out any plan, make sure you have conducted all the necessary research and established a budget for the campaign. You must have an idea of how much it will cost you to work with the best influencers in your industry. This is why the planning stages should not be rushed. Take your time to iron out any wrinkles to ensure that everything will work well when you proceed to the next steps. 

3. Get the Help of the Right Influencers

Remember that the right influencers for your brand don’t necessarily have to be the ones with the biggest number of followers, which makes the task of finding the perfect one even more challenging. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that can make your search easier:

  • Do a quick Google search and be as specific as you can with the keywords you use so that you’ll get the most relevant results. 
  • See who’s already using your products because there might be influencers who have previously posted about your brand. If so, these should be included in your list of potential influencers. Don’t overlook micro and nano-influencers as well because they may be the most engaging ones you can find for your brand, as they are more relatable. Also, keep in mind that those with less than 100k followers or micro-influencers make up a third of all Instagram channels, while mega-influencers are only less than 1% of all influencers. 
  • Find out who the competitors are working with. The primary purpose here is to study the competition’s hashtag campaigns carefully and whether or not the type of influencer they tied up with works for your industry. 
  • Go for an influencer who has an authentic voice and is genuinely interested in your industry or your products. This will make it easier for them to make recommendations that will resonate with your target audience and won’t sound forced. 

4. Disclose Your Influencer Marketing Sponsored Posts

As the brand owner, you must ensure that you work with influencers who comply with the FTC and their guidelines. Make sure that as soon as a brand relationship is established, you’ll disclose it to your followers. 

5. Track Your Progress

The only way you will know if your hashtag campaign with the influencers you have chosen is working is by tracking your progress. You should already have clear goals and set metrics that you can use to measure your campaign’s success from the start. There are conversion tracking tools that can be used to see which conversions are coming from your Instagram campaign.


Understanding hashtags and influencer marketing and, more importantly, knowing how to utilize them is a great starting point for your campaign. Remember that hashtags can help your brand become more discoverable and allow you to reach a wider audience. In the end, the right choice of hashtags and influencers to work with can deliver success beyond what you have imagined. 

The whole process can be complicated and overwhelming, and for a business owner like you, it can take away from your time spent on perfecting your products or services. Because of this, you must consider getting the help of seasoned digital marketers who know how to launch a hashtag campaign and choose the right influencers for your brand. 

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