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How to Establish Your Brand Identity in Your Web Design

September 30, 2021
By Joshua Hay
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Your website design is one of the most important things you should focus on to increase your brand awareness, user traffic, and sales. It’s one of those elements that can make your business website stand out in the pool of many competitors in the market. However, designing your website is not just about mixing colours, placing descriptions, and telling your visitors about your business; you must also establish your brand identity in your website design. 

In this article, we will discuss what a brand identity is and how you can establish it on your website design. Knowing about brand identity can help you plan out your website design more effectively. 

Let’s get to it! 

What Is a Brand Identity?

Let’s define what a brand identity is. A brand identity is the visible elements you have in your brands, such as your logo, name, tag line, colour palette, fonts, typesetting, copy of tone of voice, and photography style. These elements should come together effectively to show your business’ personality, values, level of quality, what your company believes in and the promises you make. These elements will also be helpful for your consumers to recognize your brand easily. 

How Can You Establish Brand Identity in Your Business Website Design? 

After discovering what brand identity you wish to convey, you should be able to apply your brand identity across all your marketing channels and campaigns, including your website. There should be a style guide that your website designer should follow so that they can create a website design uniform to your brand identity. The style guide should include your brand’s font names, colours, and logo elements. 

To establish your brand identity to your website design, your website designer should:

Select Readable and Web Friendly Fonts

Since a font is one of the elements of a brand identity, your website designer should only place fonts that are close to your other elements so that people can easily recognize your brand. The fonts they should choose must immediately communicate your personality, tone, pace, and style. A good tip is to select no more than two font types across the website to maintain and achieve readability and be web-friendly. 

Stick with a Colour Palette

Colours are also one of the critical elements of how consumers can identify your brand. If you just mix different colours to your website, it will be hard for your visitors to recognize that the website is your brands’. So, to establish brand identity in your website design, you should ask your website designer to stick with a colour palette that is similar or close to your other elements. They can apply these colours on your website’s button, navigation bar menu, photographic colour palette, and more. 

Have a Photography Style for your Brand

It’s also essential to establish a style of photography when placing images on your website. Identify if you will stick to being colourful and fun, muted and professional, minimalist, or pop. This way, you can establish a brand identity in your website design. 


Establishing your brand identity in your website design will be helpful for people to recognize your company efficiently. Once you’ve established your brand identity, people can easily trust you and see your business as reliable because they will see that you are consistent. By being consistent with your brand’s look, your business can have its own unique stance and differentiate itself from others in the market. 

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