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Give ‘Em What They Want: 3 Tips For Better Content Offers

October 11, 2016
By Team Hello



It seems like everyone with a marketing website has some sort of content offer these days. So how can you make yours better? After exploring different types of offers, we’ve figured out a few tricks when it comes to crafting the perfect content offer.

Here’s our list for 3 tricks to creating better content offers:

Consider.png  #1 – Interactivity Should Be Your Top Priority

If people are interacting with it, they care. Interacting is essentially work—clicking, filling stuff out, going to another web page for more info… it’s sometimes easier to not bother.

But, since they came this far, they’re interested. Offer them something like a checklist, a worksheet, or a price calculator—anything to get them invested.

Interacting with something also creates an experience that helps cement the main takeaways, including your brand. This is just good practice, no matter what industry you’re in.

Personal.png  #2 – Produce Something Helpful

Put yourself in the user’s shoes for a minute. Are you offering something helpful? If not, they might assume your business also has little or nothing to offer them, too.

All of your front-facing materials are a clue to how skilled or experienced you are in this industry, and if your stuff sucks or is based on smoke-and-mirrior tactics, clients will see it and avoid you.

The biggest mistake any agency can make is assuming people aren’t as smart as they really are—they’ll see through your tricks and black-hat attempts, and they’ll assume your entire business uses the same process.

So produce something that’s helpful, and people will think you’re actually helpful.

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Trade.png  #3 – Trade Your Content For Sweet, Sweet Information

A good content offer provides value to someone who’s interested in discovering something new or making something easier. For that, they should have something to offer in return, and so continues the cycle of open-market capitalism (more about that in Economics 101).

But, most people won’t fork up cash for your content offer, since there are so many free ones out there. But what they can trade is a bit of info. And, for your business, information is as good as cash.

A name, an email address, and maybe a bit more can make all the difference in your sales cycle, but for them, trading a small amount of info for a practical solution isn’t unreasonable by any means.

You get something, they get something, and everyone walks away happy (hopefully).

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