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Getting To The Top Of Google: 3 SEO Tricks That Work

September 16, 2016
By Team Hello

(Updated Mar 2019)


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial part of getting noticed online—and by now, most managers and business owners know this. In fact, according to the State of Inbound 2016, 66% of companies list improving SEO as their top marketing priority.

But what exactly is SEO? It’s a combination of technical and creative (or content-driven) efforts. On the technical side, your website’s speed, security, and mobile-responsiveness affect SEO ranking. On the creative side, word count, keyword selection, and social media presence affect rankings.

There are so many things that affect SEO, and SEO is always changing. Google constantly changes its algorithms to weed out any shady or dishonest SEO tricks, like keyword stuffing or duplicating content.

Here are 3 tricks we recommend using to get to that top spot on Google:

Morecontent.png  #1 – Create More Website Content

It always astounds us to find that, when some business owners want a new website, they have maybe 3 images (logo included) and about 250 words prepared ahead to fill their entire website.

This is not too good—especially knowing that more content means a better spot on Google.

The minimal approach works for some websites, but only after they’ve become successful companies—successful to the level of household name in certain industries or regions.

For everyone else, hire a copywriter, photographer, or brand specialist before you start building your website. It’ll save you time and you’ll end up in a better position overall.

Speech.png  #2 – Use Natural Language

Keyword stuffing is dead, yet we still see things like “Company X is the industry leader in Construction Materials Toronto”. Is this keyword stuffing, per se? Not exactly, but man, it makes no sense.

And, if it doesn’t make sense, people might not read it, which means they might leave your site. That does you zero favours.

We understand the need for keywords, but you can mix it up a little. Google understands what you mean.

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Linkto.png  #3 – Link To Other Websites

Okay, this is isn’t really a trick—you probably already know this. But, like knowing that flossing every day or eating your vegetables are good for you, not everyone does it.

For that, you need a tool like Linkio that will give you the right anchor text percentage and the right anchor text to use in your link building campaign for your outbound links.

Create outbound links. Do it now because backlinks are worth about 20% of your SEO.


source: moz.com


The ultimate goal with SEO is to provide value and clarity. The best SEO is helpful, and isn’t disruptive or dishonest. If people are coming to your website and finding what they’re looking for, you’re doing it right.

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