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Everything You Need to Know About Conversational Marketing

June 25, 2020
By Team Hello
conversational Marketing

Besides the modern developments on search engine algorithms, you should also pay attention to how conventional ways of approaching conversation are evolving each day. Various platforms and apps are integrating varied forms of communication, from video conferencing to automated chatbots.

Marketers need to pay attention to the growing trend of conversation as a viable and accessible tool in improving conversion rates. Conversational marketing is often seen as the fastest way to direct your customers from being an onlooker to an engaged buyer.

Understanding the fundamentals of conversational marketing

The B2B buying process has made people feel impersonal and cold in their interactions with a brand. This is why conversational marketing can be an edge that your business has above your competition by creating authentic experiences with your customers.

In this article, we will share the three steps that you’ll need to take in launching a conversational marketing campaign:

1. Engage with your customers

When you engage with your site visitors through conversations, you’re able to make an immediate connection that increases your chances of higher conversion rates. In designing your site, you can use intelligent chatbots that do the bulk of the conversational marketing work for you, regardless of the number of site visitors.

Design your content in an appealing way that allows your customers to be engaged and willing in checking out your service. Once you’ve attained their attention, you should always remember that you need to make an initiative in starting conversations. Whether it’s through designing helpful and informative chatbots or using targeted messages and emails, your customers need to be invited into responding to your offers.

2. Understand leads and wait times

Traditional approaches to the automated qualification of leads can take days in waiting for responses from emails. Harvard Business Review conducted a study and discovered that companies need to respond within five minutes if they want to establish a qualifying lead. Anything longer will easily lead to a decrease of over 400% in customer interest.

Employing conversational marketing strategies allow you to respond as fast as possible to your clients as soon as possible. Because chatbots function 24/7, they are excellent for businesses that have an international audience. This allows businesses to qualify leads in real-time instead of customers having to wait for follow-up emails from manual input.

3. Recommend the right direction for your leads

Bots are excellent for funnelling out the initial phase of your conversational marketing strategy. However, it’s only one part of your plan. Keep in mind that human-to-human interaction is still what sells your company’s products and services.

Bots can use intelligent routing to connect potential leads to the appropriate staff through the use of suggestions and questions that can narrow down the specificity of the service that they’re requesting. By narrowing down your potential leads’ options, they can also book schedules and meetings so that the right sales reps can focus on selling instead of micromanaging their availability.

Once sales reps match up with the bot’s designated lead timeslots, your staff will be able to appreciate the optimized work setup by focusing on delivering high-quality meetings.


The online landscape has made buying and selling products and services easier for brands and consumers. However, many companies have forgotten that the rise of digital marketing strategies is incomparable with the experience of human interactions in generating a sale. Using conversational marketing allows your business process to simulate a human buying experience that’s unique and attractive in today’s time of automated transactions.

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