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How to Win over Clients through Conversational Marketing

June 17, 2021
By Joshua Hay

Marketing has become more clever than ever before. With people growing more resistant to ads, companies must invest in creative marketing strategies. One of those strategies is conversational marketing, which is a direct form of marketing that can bring in paying customers.

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is marketing made personal. Just like a conversation, this style of marketing talks and listens to the customer directly. It is not a general email template or a statement written to appeal to a wide range of people. These methods are purely meant to communicate directly one-on-one with customers. 

2 Methods of Conversational Marketing

Live Chat

Live chat involves a real human person taking calls, answering questions, and directly advertising the company. The people behind this are usually employees assigned to customer service or outsourced virtual assistants and agents from other companies.

Automated Chat

Chatbots are AI-powered chatroom assistants that can help answer the most commonly asked questions. Having these chatbots around can make a customer feel attended to even if it’s software responding to their concern. 

If the problem is something that the chatbot has not faced before, it can redirect the customer to a human agent to help with the problem. This dynamic will satisfy the instant gratification that customers need when they need help. 

How Conversational Marketing can Help Increase Conversion

Increase Customer Engagement

Engagement between the customer and the brand is crucial when it comes to conversions. The more a brand sheds the prestige and becomes more relatable to its customers, the less intimidating it is for customers to try the products. 

Improved Customer Service

The personal messaging system gives the illusion that the customer is directly connected and messaging the people they need help from. Whether it is automated or not, this type of formal feels personal, giving the customer the impression of immediate attention. 

Automated systems can also entertain their concerns while the software takes time to find an agent. This can keep the customer engaged while waiting for needed assistance. 

Overall Customer Satisfaction

When customers feel like they’ve been attended to properly, the more satisfied they might feel about your brand. This will make them more likely to buy again or recommend to a friend. 

As the company grows, more people will need customer service and engagement. Having a balance of automation and real human interaction is the secret to good conversational marketing. 


Never underestimate the power of a conversation. The way to gain success in marketing is through personalization. When people are attended to and treated like valued customers instead of just another dollar sign, they would be more willing to support your business. The support of one customer can make a huge difference. 

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