Giving Feedback on Web Design to Your Designers: A Guide

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As a client, it can be easy to criticize your web designer or point out elements you don’t like about their work. Whether you intend to extend your working relationship with other projects or part ways after this one, unproductive criticism is a big no-no and can cause a strain on your working relationship with your design team. To improve … Read More

Where to Place Your Chatbot: Your Strategic Guideline

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Now is the time where the use of social media is on the rise. People love this platform because they get instant and real-life replies from people and brands. If you have a business and want to level up your lead generation and customer service game, incorporating a conversational marketing strategy on your site would be life-changing. Besides having “online … Read More

Business & Website Design: 6 Ways to Improve Them During a COVID-19 Pandemic

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The current pandemic has halted some services around the world. It has put danger not only in the lives of people but also to the existing businesses.  If you’re looking for a way to stay mindful of your online presence, your business, and your team, there are ways to cope and align your business strategy to the current situation. Here … Read More