3 Content Tips to Improve Its Quality and Enhance Your Brand Image

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Start-up businesses and leading enterprises alike all aim to achieve a powerful and positive brand image. It’s the heart that serves as a driving force for a company’s marketing funnel – from producing consistent print materials for traditional marketing or other digital campaigns.  Beyond making your website look pretty and functional with effective web design, one of the most important … Read More

[INFOGRAPHIC] Turn Your Business Around with Retargeting!

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Don’t you miss the good old days of telemarketing, spam mail, printed pamphlets and radio commercials? Er, no, no you don’t. Which is why more and more businesses are stepping away from these outdated (and often pricey) practices and diving into digital marketing. However, marketing, digital or otherwise, is an eel, and what might work for one business might fail … Read More

3 Myths That Hinder Business Owners From Getting a Website

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If you’re a serious business owner and not a hobbyist trying to earn a small side income, then you need a website. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or that you haven’t achieved profitability: you need to establish your online presence quickly.  At the same time, there are several misconceptions about getting a website that has become prevalent … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Conversational Marketing

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Besides the modern developments on search engine algorithms, you should also pay attention to how conventional ways of approaching conversation are evolving each day. Various platforms and apps are integrating varied forms of communication, from video conferencing to automated chatbots. Marketers need to pay attention to the growing trend of conversation as a viable and accessible tool in improving conversion … Read More

Custom Tools, WordPress Plugins, and Third-Party Programs: What’s the Best Choice?

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In the fast-paced internet space, there’s always something new on the horizon. Just a few years back, creating a website was an expensive, time-consuming, and tedious procedure. This changed with the launching of WordPress.  WordPress allowed just about anyone to make a website using a template that they could customize to their liking. The downside was, the functionality of the … Read More

How Long Will Your Customers Wait For A Helpful Chat Response?

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With so many platforms accepting inbound messages, including your own website’s chatbot, knowing the acceptable response time is incredibly valuable information. Thus, we’ve endeavoured today to arrive at an answer to this question, across some of today’s most common inbound messaging platforms.

3 Common Website Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

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What is the one thing that most small businesses fail at miserably? That would be with their websites. Many of them find that their websites end up not helping spread brand awareness or boosting sales, causing the inevitable end to many of these small companies. That said, if you own a small business, you might be wondering what exactly causes … Read More

3 Best Practices for Updating Your Website in 2020

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Modern businesses know that a website is a cornerstone of success in this digitally-oriented landscape, especially when it comes to establishing a prominent online presence. Considering the fast-paced nature of the modern age, keeping up with trends ensure you stay relevant to your audience. One way to maintain engagement is to update the look and functionality of your website. This … Read More

Why Your Website Accessibility Matters During COVID-19

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Because no one knows how long the pandemic will last or how soon a cure will be discovered, people are bound to stay in their homes and rely on the internet for other needs and resources. Indeed, the internet plays an important role during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Since physical distancing is highly encouraged, people rely on online communication when it … Read More

3 Web Design Tips To Make Your Website More Professional – Our Guide 2

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The design of your website is crucial for establishing your online persona. More than simply being aesthetically pleasing, your web design caters to both sensibility and perception—both playing a huge role with the user experience given by your website. Even if your content is top-notch, poor web design can downplay the message you’re trying to send out. Regardless if it’s … Read More