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Capture Your Audience with Video on the Web

January 15, 2015
By Team Hello

Among the internet’s superpowers is the ability to transmit larger and larger amounts of information quickly and easily every year.

Twenty years ago, moving text through your phone line was amazing. Ten years ago, high resolution images, audio files, and even some smaller videos started to get more common. Now, you can’t go anywhere without seeing sharp, crisp visuals, more text than you’re likely to read, and even the occasional full-resolution (or even hi-definition) video.

Just take a look at this quick clip, used to demonstrate HTML5’s video abilities;

Above clip is from Big Buck Bunny.

Video has a unique job – communicating information quickly and concisely.

The role of multimedia information has been recognized for much longer than its wide availability through the web. We hear the spoken word much more readily than we can consume text, and appropriate imagery makes those words memorable more quickly.

Just think about the clip we included above. In just 10 seconds, you can see a wonderful (if abrupt) story from start to finish. How long would that take you to write down? How long would it take to read?

Communicating by video is just so much faster – and so much more important, now that the web’s capable of it, we’re finding out just how versatile multimedia can be as a part of your website’s content, or even its basic structure.

Video can be included in your website or other web properties in a lot of ways.

The most common use of video on a website is to embed the video as content – which we’ve done above with our Big Buck Bunny example. This way, video replaces – or stands alongside – the text of the site, and your visitors treat it as such.

Videos can also become part of your website’s design – such as the website we recently build for Winnipeg wedding videographer Michael J Scott, where the very first thing you see on loading his site is a collection of great shots from some of his wedding videos. The site’s headline of “Capture the moment” really works because of this background video.

Video itself can also fuel the non-video portions of your website, if creating a transcript of your video makes sense within the pages it exists. Both in the interest of adding more easily-searched text to your website, and allowing for viewers who either can’t or don’t want to watch those videos to get the same information – creating transcripts for word-heavy clips can be a great way to add value to an already valuable resource.

It’s also entirely possible to turn video into a product you can sell, by producing webinars or subscription-based content, like online entertainment series. Our clients at the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute do just this; they provide live and recorded content that’s of great value using video through the internet.

These are just some of the ways you can include multimedia in your online presence.

As with any marketing material, building a strategy for video takes time and consideration. If you want to engage your audience quickly, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave a message here, or get in touch with us directly to talk about how video can help your business communicate online.

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