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How to Build a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

September 9, 2021
By Joshua Hay
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Social media has been a major tool for modern business these past few years, and that’s all for a very good reason. Aside from these platforms’ unique ability to encourage audience engagement, they are still one of the most efficient ways to expand a brand’s reach and communicate with the target market in ways that weren’t even possible before. 

Some may argue that traditional media still hasn’t lost its touch in making a company’s presence felt amongst the competitive market. However, even with its maintained effectiveness, the internet still boosted the popularity of brands tenfold with the help of social media platforms.

In any case, all companies are now practicing their social media strategies to develop and promote all their products and services continuously. Unfortunately, the process itself isn’t that simple. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to achieving a successful social media marketing strategy, and each and every one of them is vital for the venture to increase its sales. 

With that being said, we’ve listed down a couple of tips that may help you, as a business owner, to boost your social media presence and improve your overall digital marketing success in one fell swoop.

1. Determine Who Your Target Market Is

A good social media marketing strategy is formulated by knowing who your potential customers are. Your target market’s demographics are essential as they will help you determine what type of content your posts will be featuring. 

Most of the social media platforms today have their own data gathering tools, ready to be utilized by you and your marketing team. All you have to do is to interpret them and align your creative contents according to what they entail about your customers. Your ideal buyer’s spending habits, preferences in quality, and price point will all come into play during the process.

2. Pick the Best Platform for Your Brand

There is no definite platform that defies the exclusivity or luxury image of a brand; however, that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to customize and tailor fit the contents well enough to garner some reactions and leads from your target audience. 

The thing about social media platforms is that they all have unique features that may cater to the promotional needs of your business, and making the most of them may just boost your brand’s visibility online. Instagram is focused on visual content, and Twitter is all about putting your thoughts into a limited character count. Facebook, on the other hand, is often considered a Jack of all trades.

3. Post Fresh Content Consistently

Customers like to be entertained. Even if it’s through imagery or commercial snippets, they will still be able to appreciate them as long as they are delivered in a creative manner. You do not have to worry much about this, especially if your company has its own teams of creatives and community managers. Just be sure to provide feedback every once in a while so that their brand messaging will still hit the spot and be consistent with the company’s core image.

4. Look For Creative Ways to Increase Your Reach

There are so many ways to extend your reach and gather more customers, and you can decide what works best for your audience. One appealing option is organizing online contests and games. You may even set up an online concert that may attract viewers and online traffic, to the point that you will be able to slip in a couple of your promotional materials without getting flack for direct marketing.


It is never easy to pull off a successful social media marketing strategy. There are a lot of factors to consider just to come up with one that will not fail or lose traction in the long run. In such a case, knowing your market, choosing the best platform, being consistent with your posts, and finding creative ways to increase your reach may just boost your brand to the top. By working closely with your creative team and analyzing all your gathered data, you may just come up with a plan that will push your company towards success without much hassle.

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