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Best Top of the Funnel Strategies

January 18, 2018
By Team Hello

You have a good product, a professional looking website, and properly optimized pages. Now, it’s time to sit back and relax while prospects Google your products, land on your website, and convert into loyal customers.

Unfortunately, the world of inbound marketing is more complicated than that. Sure, an SEO-optimized page will make it easier for prospects to find your business online, but that’s not a guarantee that they’ll stick around for long. You need to give them more than just that, engage and nurture them so that they move down the sales pipe.

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So, how do you build awareness and interest for your products?

Here are some of the best top of the funnel strategies you should be using.

Don’t Assume That Everyone Knows What You’re Doing

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is assuming that every prospect that lands on their website is familiar with their products. But, here’s the thing: more often than not, the people at the top of the funnel are just now realizing that they have a problem that they need to solve and they are looking for additional information. They aren’t interested in your brand mission or promises, but want to get an idea of what you’re about and decide if your products can help them.

Create the Right Type of Content

People at the top of the funnel are usually trying to fulfill a need or solve a problem, so they are looking for information that can help them figure out the best solution. Make sure that the content you create at this stage of the sales funnel answers all their questions and encourages them to see you as the right fit for their needs. Focus on writing how to blog posts and videos, FAQ pages, and explanatory infographics.

Make Your Brand Stand out

You are not the only option prospects are researching, so you need to ensure that your business will stand out from your competitors. Provide them with a unique experience that will help differentiate you from other similar businesses. For example, you could create an engaging video that answers all their questions so that they don’t have to waste time browsing through your website.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media can help you generate qualified top of the funnel leads, as long as you employ the right tactics. Share relevant content with your network that considers their needs at this stage of the funnel. Reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to mention your products, share your articles or even recommend your business in a sponsored partnership.

Don’t Ignore Outbound Opportunities

While the digital space is paramount to the success of your business today, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore outbound practices and the opportunities they can bring for driving in top of the funnel leads. For example, the interactions and connections you establish during trade shows or corporate events, can help build awareness about your business and pick the interest of potential customers.

Understanding your customers’ buying cycle and knowing what strategies to employ at every stage of the funnel can help you build awareness, drive interest, and boost your sales. Use these tips as the foundation of your top of the funnel approach.


Best Top Of The Funnel Strategies 2