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What Are the Top Advantages of Conversational Marketing?

August 31, 2022
By Joshua Hay
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Conversational marketing involves having conversations with your potential customers to better understand their needs and pain points. This type of marketing is highly effective in quickly moving buyers through the funnel, as it allows you to build trust and rapport with them quickly.

This article explores some of the many benefits of engaging in conversational marketing. Read on. 

Learning About Customers

It’s important to note that conversations can provide a lot of useful information about someone. When a customer chats with an AI bot, the bot can learn about the customer’s interests, shopping habits, and more. This data can be used to create a profile that helps customize the customer’s experience.

Acquiring More Leads

Conversational marketing allows brands to connect with potential leads more naturally without interrupting their experience with forms or other barriers. By engaging in conversation with leads, brands can slowly move them through the sales funnel while also getting valuable insights along the way. Additionally, targeted messages can be sent to leads that are more likely to convert, making the most of every opportunity.

Fostering a Personal Buying Experience

Conversational marketing makes the buying experience more human-like. With conversational marketing, brands can engage with their visitors in a conversation rather than just having a generic catalog. This type of marketing can help brands to connect with their customers and create a more personal experience.

For example, Sephora has been using chatbots to help shoppers with their purchases. The chatbot acts as a personal stylist, asking questions and giving recommendations based on the shopper’s preferences and concerns. This allows shoppers to find the right products for their needs and makes the shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Hastening the Conversion Cycle

Conversational marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to have conversations with your leads to generate more sales. You can actually level up your conversion game by making the most of conversational marketing.

Enhancing Availability

In other words, conversational marketing allows you to provide customer service and assistance even when your business is closed. This is possible because you’re using a chatbot that is available 24/7 to answer any questions or help shoppers with their needs. This type of marketing is beneficial because it allows you to reach shoppers when it’s most convenient for them, which could result in more sales.

Collecting Feedback

To create a great customer experience, brands need to collect feedback from customers. Conversational marketing allows brands to do this effectively, and the feedback they receive can help them improve their customer experience and boost sales.

Establishing Loyal Relationships

A brand that takes the time to get to know its customers can create a more personalized and meaningful experience for them. This, in turn, can build loyalty and a stronger relationship between the customer and the brand.

Your AI bot can send shoppers targeted offers based on their spending habits. For example, if a customer spends a certain amount, they may be incentivized to enroll in your loyalty program. You can also offer benefits when they sign up for your program, such as access to your new collection first or additional discounts.

Boosting Revenues

Conversational marketing allows you to improve your brand reputation by putting customers first and engaging with them in real-time conversations. This kind of marketing can also boost your revenue outcomes by collecting feedback to improve customer experience and using data to personalize conversations.


Conversational marketing provides several benefits for businesses, including building relationships with potential and current customers, humanizing the brand, and increasing leads and conversions. When done correctly, conversational marketing can be an extremely effective way to connect with customers and grow a business.

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