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A Preview of 5 Video Marketing Trends for 2020

December 2, 2019
By Team Hello
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Video marketing continues to dominate the business world as it boasts plenty of opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience and grow their business. With that said, staying on top of video marketing trends will help businesses keep a competitive advantage, attract new customers, and cultivate brand loyalty. Here are 5 marketing trends businesses should consider for 2020.

1. Videos Will Include More Captions

85% of people watch videos with the sound turned off on Facebook. This means that businesses need to prioritize videos with captions to increase their audience members.

As more options become available, consumers’ expectations change. With that said, consumers will not only prefer but expect videos to include captions for their convenience.

There are many reasons why consumers are preferring videos with captions. For one, they are easily digestible. Beyond that though, sometimes there are issues where the sound doesn’t work or there are difficulties hearing. Additionally, there may be an accent barrier that prevents the viewer from understanding what you’re saying, which reduces engagement. Essentially, if your videos don’t include captions, you are preventing your business from generating leads.

2. Tapping into YouTube

Surprisingly enough, many businesses haven’t tapped into the YouTube Market with only 9% of businesses currently leveraging it. What this means is that YouTube is an open market and the perfect platform for businesses to reach their audience in 2020.

One issue that many businesses face online is that social platforms can be overly saturated, making it difficult to stand out among competitors. However, YouTube is pulling in over 1.8 billion users per month, making it the perfect time for business owners to take advantage of the YouTube market before it becomes too crowded.

By placing your videos on YouTube, businesses can expect to increase brand visibility while cultivating strong online relationships with potential customers.

3. More Video will be Incorporated in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. In fact, 59% of email marketers already say that email is the biggest source of ROI.

But businesses are hyper-focused on getting prospects to do more than just engage with their email. They want prospects to take meaningful action and businesses want to cultivate real relationships with potential customers,

This is where video comes into play. More businesses realize that the power of video and email marketing together is unmatched. Both video and email have very good response rates, which means incorporating videos into your emails will increase your chances of actually getting a click-through. With a strong call-to-action, businesses will have more success in converting prospects into customers.

4. Personalized Videos

Personalization is a concept that continues to be pushed in all forms of content marketing. However, this is becoming particularly important for video marketing in 2020. Consumers are more receptive to personalized content, which means that businesses can expect a larger return on investment.

Personalization helps build relationships, helps you provide targeted solutions for your audience, and will easily help you stand out among the competition.

Simply put, personalizing your video content will make your audience more receptive to it. Additionally, this lays the foundation for brand loyalty as prospects appreciate businesses that cater to their particular needs and interests.

5. Long-Form Videos

Although short-form videos are more easily consumable, long-form videos are where the emotional connection is born. For this reason, businesses need to be more focused on creating long-form video content coming into 2020.

Fostering emotional connections with your audience is one of the quickest ways to develop brand loyalty and keep a competitive advantage. Consumers want narratives to attach to and this is something that is simply difficult to do with shorter videos.

The internet is flooded with competition and videos need to be memorable to help your business stand out. If businesses create long-form video content that is relevant and engaging, they will ultimately lay the foundation to generate real leads

One of the best ways to strengthen your marketing efforts is by staying current with marketing trends. Video marketing is constantly evolving to help businesses foster better relationships with their audiences. For businesses that want to stay connected with their customers and keep a strong competitive advantage, consider these video marketing trends for 2020.