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7 Common Misconceptions About Web Design

March 13, 2019
By Team Hello

Since the advent of website-building software from the likes of Wix, Weebly and WordPress, some folks in the business world have begun to scoff at the notion of needing the services of a professional web development agency at all. “After all,” they may reason, “can’t I just spend some extra time and design a website by myself?”

However, the faster than average growth of jobs in the web development industry show that such a notion is faulty reasoning. Here are 7 common misconceptions around web design, along with the truth of the matter.

1. It’s Easy to Design a Website

Um, no, it’s not.

While certain cookie cutter web building programs may allow you to design website, it almost certainly won’t be the website that you really want to have.

A half-baked, DIY approach to designing your website will simply not leave a good impression on potential customers. In contrast, a well-planned, well-executed web design leads to increased conversion rates and business growth. That’s what you want for your business.

2. I Should Have 100% Control of My Site’s Design

Some business owners feel that since they are the ones who are shelling out the money, the developers at the web design agency should do exactly what they say, all the time. However, such an approach really undermines the whole point of outsourcing your web design: to let the professionals help.

While your constructive feedback is vital to the ultimate success of the project, you’ve hired professional developers for their design and marketing expertise. If you let them provide some input as to the direction the project is heading, you may find that the end result turns out much better than you’d anticipated.

3. The Website Looks Good, So the Job is Done

Technology and fashion are two things that exist in a state of constant flux. Let’s talk about fashion. While your website may be trend-setting today, in a year or so it may be obsolete from an aesthetic standpoint.

Your website will inevitably need to be updated, and it may need to have a face-lift in the process. Why not plan for that ahead of time?

Which brings us to the technical side of things, and another common misconception…

4. Website Maintenance is Unnecessary

Nothing could be further from the truth! Websites should be periodically updated if for nothing else than security reasons. It is best to anticipate that, and factor ongoing maintenance into the design equation.

5. My Site Should Receive Immediate Traffic

Why? There are millions of websites that you’ve never visited. There are millions more that you don’t even know exist. Why should other Web users automatically know about your site?

The point is, your completed website should be considered as the centerpiece of your future marketing efforts, not the sum of those efforts in itself. Whether you have an in-house marketing department or outsource your marketing, your completed website is only the beginning, not the end, of your promotional initiatives.

6. Anyone can Copywrite

Most people can write. Few people can sell their writing to anyone.

In a similar way, copywriters have a unique skill set that allows them to craft content in a way that engages customers, brings out the personality of your brand, and drives conversion rates. Such skills should never be taken for granted.

7. My (Re)-Designed Site Should be Good for 5 Years

Apart from what we discussed under misconceptions #3 and 4, think about this: even subtle changes to your website can enhance its appeal. So doesn’t it make sense to occasionally analyze your site’s performance, and make changes as needed?

Clearly, web design and development are skills that take years to perfect. That’s why the services of a reputable web development agency are so valuable. Hopefully, with these 7 common misconceptions cleared up you’ll be able to make the best possible business decisions for your company when it comes to your website’s design, development, and ongoing maintenance.