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5 Attributes of Digital Content That Drive Lead Generation

April 14, 2021
By Joshua Hay
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Developing digital content is the priority of most businesses. Even magazines and newspaper companies are slowly shifting their traditional practices to embrace digital formats. This is because digital content is a consumers’ primary method of digesting information. From receiving updates of their peer’s holiday trip to understanding a human rights crisis halfway across the globe, information is passed around rapidly at an alarming rate. To grab your target demographic’s attention, you need to master the art of developing high-quality digital content.

How do you make high-quality digital content?

Digital content isn’t just presentational. In fact, it offers many benefits that increase a brand’s online visibility. Over time, this developed credibility through user engagement, and search engine indexing can give it enough of an impact to affect sales figures. This is why quality digital content is instrumental in your lead generation strategies. If you’re not developing good content, you’re losing the opportunity to raise your sales figures.

In this article, we’ll share five attributes of digital content that can positively affect your sales figures.

1. Covers an important or relevant topic

High-quality digital content must always be relevant to your target demographic. Sometimes, it’s better to start with a question instead of a goal in mind. Ask yourself what questions you could have about a product or service provider. This can include product overviews, informational thought pieces, or even insights on industry news relevant to your service and products.

2. Accompaniment of relevant visuals

Complementing your content with relevant visuals is more likely to attract and engage with your audiences. Besides stock images, you can present data through graphs and charts or highlight essential information through pull quotes. Additionally, you can implement videos and infographics if it’s easier to digest your topic through visual mediums.

3. Accessible and easily digestible content

Developing gated content can be an effective way to affect your lead generation strategy. For example, requiring online users to sign-up for your newsletter can be an excellent way to grow your mailing list. However, you should also develop a steady stream of ungated content that doesn’t require sign-up information with form submissions. Integrating these two forms of digital content will give you a constant influx of online traffic if you utilize them wisely.

4. Shareability to different platforms and networks

Publishing content on your website alone will give you little to no online reach. This is why it’s vital to make content that’s accessible in different networks and platforms. Guest posting on relevant websites and promoting your content through social media will create more marketing channels that will lead to your main site. This allows you to shorten their buyer’s journey down your sales funnels.

5. A compelling CTA

After implementing all the features above, remember that your content pieces shouldn’t be just for show. Remember that your Call to Action (CTA) is the most vital ingredient in turning a simple content piece into a step toward your sales funnel. After closing your topic’s conclusion, you should seamlessly connect the topic to relate to one of your product or service offers. Linking it to the appropriate landing pages will simplify your buyer’s journey and contribute to effective backlinking practices.


Leveraging your brand’s online presence through digital content is a typical strategy for modern businesses. The reason why everyone’s doing it is that it delivers on its promises. However, the competitive market can make it challenging for newcomers with little to no marketing experience. For this reason, business owners collaborate with marketing specialists to gain and maintain an advantage over their industry competitors.

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