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3 Exciting Web Design Trends to Expect for 2020 – What to Know

November 20, 2019
By Team Hello

2019 is coming to a close and with it comes to a tidal wave of new promises. In the world of tech, this involves giving websites a much-needed make-over to keep the user experience new, exciting, and relevant. 

Conversely, web design is an integral element in your brand identity, authority, and credibility. That’s why ensuring your site is in vogue with the times is key to long-term success. On that note, we’re here to help you spruce up your website and maintain its relevancy with our design predictions you should expect for 2020.

Trend #1: Split-Screen Content

Moving forward beyond the standard minimalistic approach, the future of web design is all about sharing more information without compromising its visual cleanliness. This can be done by splitting down the screen in half to put each side under the spotlight, giving you more room to optimize your content. 

Visual hierarchy is critical in this design to keep the layout from having an uncluttered feel, which can be integrated by adding a focal point between the two halves of the screen to provide a sense of balance, such as a logo, menu header, or call-to-action. 

Trend #2: Oversized Type and Elements

Grabbing user attention is the name of the game in online marketing, which is why websites are now going bold in design as it leans towards prominent elements. From large, eye-catching typography, striking graphic illustrations, fullscreen, high-definition videos or images, and even oversized menu icons – the future is all about going big.

This allows brands to communicate their message in a clear yet contemporary approach, one that improves user experience all within a single glance. Adding too many features will only overwhelm readers, which makes minimalism a fundamental element in this trend. 

Trend #3: Dynamic Illustrations, Animations, and Integrated GIFS 

Video is skyrocketing in popularity due to its ability to capture interest and enhance engagement. However, it tends to compromise page load times in various sites, which makes it a tricky element to integrate as it comes with its own risks. 

Motion graphics, on the other hand, offer the same visual excitement and compelling narrative without compromising the speed of a site. This means you can expect the following trends to rise by the dawn of the new year: 

  • Mobile animation
  • Mouseover effects
  • The transition between pages and parallax scrolling

It’s an excellent way to add life and a splash of colour to your brand, all while capturing the nature of your business in a captivating medium. With the added benefit of reduced loading time giving sites a competitive edge, you can expect to see more integrated animations in the near future. 

In Conclusion

In this digitalized landscape where users are constantly exposed to visual stimulation in every corner of the internet, web design is critical more than ever. For one, websites need to have a fresh look and feel as it constantly keeps up with the fierce competition on top of the ever-changing trends that contribute to the short attention span of users. With that in mind, the guide above should help you stay on top of the technology-driven trends coming up this 2020.

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