10 Ways To Start A Conversation With Your Website Chatbot

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What is a Chatbot?

#1 “How can I help you?”

#2 “Thanks for reaching out! What brings you to our site today?”

#3 “What brought you to check out our website?”

#4 “I’d like to offer you a free [product]. Can I give it to you?”

#5 “Welcome to our site! Do you have any questions about our features, benefits, or pricing?”

#6 “I am here to help you [blank].”

#7 “Hi, I’m [Chatbot Name] and I help [function/service].”

#8 “Want to win a [product/discount/coupon]?”

#9 “What’s the best email address I can send this [product] to?”

#10 “Nice to see you again [Customer Name]!”

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