Vivid Tours



  • Custom Website Design and Development
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Google Ads Campaign
  • Contest Marketing 
  • SEO Strategy
  • Market Leading Online Booking Strategy and Implementation 

Vivid Tours is a company that took a new direction toward the wine tour industry. Instead of appealing to the high end demographic of wine connoisseurs and lovers, they decided to target more of a brash and loud audience like bachelorette parties. Instead of having their vehicles blend in with other wine tour companies , they made them loud and covered in their hot pink brand.


Vivid Wine Tours encountered substantial challenges during their company's launch. Their struggles included establishing brand awareness, launching amidst the pandemic, and the imperative need to differentiate themselves from the existing competition in a highly saturated market.


Project Objectives

  1. Design A Website Focused On Seo And Having A Strong Ranking On Google Search
  2. Enhance Brand Awareness
  3. Become A Market Leader In A Space With More Than 30+ Competitors
  4. Provide Real-Time Inventory Booking
  5. Define and Develop a Stand Out Content Strategy

The Solutions Implemented

Vivid Tours 1

Strategic Marketing Strategy

We leveraged a collaborative approach that involved coaching the client through content production and creating a web platform strategy focused on educating and building authority in Canada's bustling and in-demand tourism sector.

Vivid Tours 1

PPC Campaigns

Through storytelling and captivating content, we've helped Vivid foster a community of wine enthusiasts and the average consumer eager to have bold experiences.

Vivid Tours 1

Establish Brand Image

Through storytelling and captivating content, we've helped Vivid foster a community of wine enthusiasts and the average consumer eager to have bold experiences.

Vivid Tours 1

Checkfront integration

We worked with Checkfront to integrate the booking experience directly within Vivid's web platform to help boost the customer experience and keep users on the website, increasing dwell time and contributing to higher ranking signals.

Vivid Tours 1

Facilitated Giveaways

Exclusive giveaways enabled Vivid to build an extensive email list of individuals looking to partake in Vivid’s experiences. This strategic approach has allowed Vivid to build a touch point and create rapport with consumers to stay front of mind.


Customers in 2023 season


Touring Fleet in 3 years


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Growth, from year 1 to year 2


Ranking #1 on Google for Kelowna Wine Tours

Out rank long term competitors on google after 1 year.

Local top of mind:

Front of mind in consumers in Kelowna Locals and Kelowna Tourists when booking tours. 

Better User Experience:

The new website made it easier for users to navigate, view available tours and easily book.

Increased Website Traffic:

The Google Ads campaign and solid SEO groundwork played a significant role in increasing overall website traffic and reaching the intended customer base.

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

Identified target audiences and developed strategies to target, attract and convert these audiences.

Visit Their Website

"Over the years I've worked with several other companies before I found hello, and I now realize all I did was waste my money and my time. I highly recommend the team at hello for websites as well as the digital marketing side. They know what they're talking about, they manage the campaigns and they execute and deliver the results. Thanks so much for being awesome."


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