Netley Millwork



  • Custom WordPress
  • Custom Kitchen Planner
  • Web Design
  •  Hosting and Maintenance
  • Google Ads Campaign Management
  • SEO
  • Custom Kitchen Planner

Netley Millwork is a family-owned custom cabinet and millwork company in Manitoba with roots tracing back to the Netley Hutterite Colony. They have a reputation for designing and building beautiful, high quality cabinets and millwork.


Netley Millwork was struggling with low-quality leads, resulting in wasted time engaging with customers who could not afford their products. The company needed a solution to filter out low-quality leads, enhance brand awareness, design a converting and aesthetic website, and drive growth through SEO and search engine traffic.


Project Objectives

  1. Increase quality of leads 
  2. Enhance brand awareness
  3. Design converting and aesthetic website 
  4. Build on SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic and drive future growth
  5. Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS

The Solutions Implemented

Netley Millwork 1

Custom WordPress Design and Development

A user-friendly and visually appealing website tailored to showcase and promote their high-end products.

Netley Millwork 2

Custom Kitchen Planner

A planner that requires users to measure and input details, as well as provide a budget. This interactive tool allows potential clients to better understand their needs and eliminates unqualified leads.

Netley Millwork 3

Hosting and Maintenance

Reliable hosting and website maintenance to keep their online presence running smoothly. We have had a relationship with Netley for __ years and continue to ensure that their website is supported.

Netley Millwork 4


We built robust SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic, drive future growth, and target Netley Millwork's ideal customer base. This included adding a blog to showcase expertise. 

Netley Millwork 5

Google Ads Management

Expertly crafted and managed digital ads to reach quality leads, increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Netley Millwork 6

Strategic Marketing Strategy

We did thorough research to understand Netley Millwork's customers and created tailored messages that truly speak to them. Our approach covers various digital channels like social media and targeted ads to reach your audience effectively.


Increase in Avg. Consumer Spend


Facility Expansion


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Growth, year over year


Increased Average Kitchen Revenue:

Raised the average kitchen project value from $25,000 to $50,000.

Improved Lead Quality:

The custom kitchen planner effectively filtered out low-quality leads, saving the Netley Millwork team time and resources.

Better User Experience:

The new website made it easier for users to navigate, understand their options, and visualize their custom projects.

Increased Website Traffic:

The Google Ads campaign and solid SEO groundwork played a significant role in increasing overall website traffic and reaching the intended customer base.

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

The updated website and targeted marketing efforts contributed to a more prominent brand presence in the high-end custom cabinets market.

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Hello Marketing has been great with helping us establish the Netley Millwork brand as a premier & top tier custom cabinet manufacturer and be able to successfully target our preferred customers.
- Stanley

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