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Do you know what your website visitors are doing?

Knowing where they came from, where they click, and what they’re looking for can make all the difference for your business.

  • Make Changes Based on Data
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Discover Growth Opportunities

The best businesses in the world test their website with marketing growth optimization.
Large retailers change the layout of their stores based on how the customers explore. Tech companies use updates to make their software easier to use. And car manufacturers have evolved over the years to create more user-friendly for owners.
Testing your website has one purpose: To create better outcomes for people, which is what grows businesses.

If you can find everything you’re looking for in a store, you’ll probably shop there again. If one car has better features for the same price as another car, chances are you’ll choose the one with the features. When one option is easier to use, offers more value, or looks better, people will choose that option every time.

We take this concept and apply it to your website: Test, improve, and grow.

3 Main Points for Website Growth Optimization in Canada

  • Drivers

    What brings visitors to your website? And why? Understanding their intent will help you prioritize the right selling points.

  • Hooks

    What persuades your users to act? Understanding what made the user act, will help you convert even more users.

  • Barriers

    Why and where are your visitors abandoning your website? It’s important to uncover high blockage steps to improve sales and user experience.

Analysing your Users

We use software for the best growth optimization to discover how people interact with our web pages. After analyzing the data we collected, we optimized our website, which then doubled our conversion rate.

We’re consistently able to outperform the industry average by about 500%. Can you say the same about your business?

What You Get With Growth Optimization in Winnipeg

Growth Optimization 1

Insights on your Drivers, Hooks, and Barriers

You get a report on exactly how people are coming to your website, what they spend time with, where they’re converting, and where your visitors are leaving.

Growth Optimization 2

Your own Website Heat Map

You’ll understand what your website visitors are doing thanks to data graphs. You’ll know exactly where they’re clicking, tapping, or scrolling.

Growth Optimization 3

Your own User Recording Tool

User recordings let you see what your website visitors experience. You’ll get recordings of your visitors that show exactly what they did on your website.

Growth Optimization 4

Digital Conversion Funnels

You’ll see where exactly where your users are losing interest in your online marketing process.

Growth Optimization 5

Website Form Analysis

Increase form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill out, which fields are left blank, and where visitors abandon your form.

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