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Why Responsive Design Is a Must in Every Modern Website

March 17, 2021
By Joshua Hay
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You have probably heard about how important it is to have a responsive website for your business, but do you know why? If you have no idea or barely understand it, this article will tell you why responsive design is now one of a modern website’s fundamental aspects. It will go into hope technology, and user demands have changed over the years to create the standards we know today.

Defining a Responsive Website Design

The name itself already suggests what type of website this design is. However, people with little to no knowledge about it almost always think about the site’s reaction speed or loading speed. Unfortunately, it is not about the response time. Instead, it is more about the page layout and how it responds to the device you use to view it.

For example, your website’s layout would be different if you look at it on a laptop versus when you view it on your phone. All elements would still be the same, but the layout adapts to the different screen sizes of the device people viewing it.

Before responsive web design, websites were designed based on desktop viewing. People on their mobile phones needed to zoom in and scroll left and right to see the other details closely. Nowadays, website designers incorporate adaptable elements into their designs. Elements that adapt include: 

  • Width of the elements
  • Image dimension 
  • Font size
  • Menu

Why Consider Responsive Design In Your Upcoming Website

Reason 1: Improves Your User’s Web Experience

A guest’s web experience is everything. After all, you are making a website for your customer’s benefit. You want them to find what they need and make smooth purchases. Website design that responds well to people’s devices could provide a smoother shopping or browsing experience for them. Navigating the site would be simple and straightforward–simply needing some scrolling up and down and some finger tapping. 

Imagine having to zoom into a website just to read the text description of the items and scrolling through until you find the “add to cart” button only to end up misclicking, starting over, and searching for that button again. Customers today would not appreciate that. Instead of searching one more time, they will look for other websites offering a similar item or service.

Reason 2: Improves Your Site’s Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization defines your ranking on search engines, and it uses many factors to determine a page’s ranking. One of which is the responsiveness of the web design for the following reasons:

  • More people would be interested in browsing your page, which could increase your site traffic—particularly the number of mobile users.
  • Websites that have responsive pages load faster than other sites. Responsive design compresses site pages to adapt to mobile devices. That makes the website smaller and easier to load and navigate.
  • All these could result in a lower bounce rate, which search engines would take into account. 
  • More importantly, your customers would be happy—which is SEO’s main priority.

Reason 3: Happy Customers Means Potential for Sales

You can attract and encourage more visitors to purchase items on your website because of your efficient design. Moreover, since more people are mostly on their mobile devices, they can buy products or services any time and anywhere. All these facts could contribute to an increase in website traffic and increase sales.


Instead of creating two separate sites for different devices, responsive design is the solution you need. It makes your website investment more worthwhile, plus you benefit from all of the advantages mentioned in this list. It makes the experience and how you provide far more seamless than past techniques. 

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