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The Tasks of a Webmaster Today that You Should Know

July 6, 2022
By Joshua Hay

What is a webmaster? It may sound like a term used by those around when the internet started, as it’s not widely used these days. This is because the term has been broken down into several branches. Before, a webmaster handled everything, such as the design and the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website. 

Now, there are specialists for every aspect of a business’ online presence. Still, the primary role of a webmaster is still necessary. 

So, let’s dive deeper into what a webmaster does, shall we?

What Does a Webmaster Do?

So, what does a webmaster do? Does he manage a lot of things at once? Maybe. But, in reality, the work is much more linear.

A webmaster, in simpler terms, oversees the entire process of making a website. He manages the technological and digital aspects of a website. Assuming he’s the website’s project manager, he will have to ensure the project is on schedule, on budget and delivered to the client. Below are some of the tasks a webmaster does:

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the original job of a webmaster. This is usually done after the site is completed. But, it can also be done while a site is still under construction. Some tasks can be done at both stages.

Website maintenance includes monitoring the website and making sure that all is running smoothly. If there are issues, he will have to fix them. Depending on the type of maintenance contract, these issues may be addressed by the solution provider or the client. This can be done via email, phone calls, instant messages and even face to face meetings.


Webmasters are always testing their websites to see how fast they load, how easy they are to use, and whether they work properly. They also check to make sure that any information on the site is easy to understand. If users have any complaints about a website, they let the webmaster know, and the webmaster tries to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Changes and Updates

A website is never finished. And, this is why webmasters frequently make changes and updates to sites. They must make sure that the website is always relevant and current. These updates can also improve how the site is accessed and increase the amount of traffic it’s getting.

Website Hosting and Server Monitoring

Webmasters must be able to work on server issues comfortably. These include making sure that everything is working properly, that all files are uploaded, and that no one can hack into the site. A webmaster also has to make sure that the server is getting enough support from other companies, such as domain name registration and email hosting.

The Bottomline

Webmaster is a title in the past that has been broken down into many different titles of its own as technology advanced. But, the overarching concept is still there: to have a website owner have a person to turn to that looks after all the technical aspects of their website.

This means that in the same way a webmaster is necessary for any online business, a webmaster is still needed.

A webmaster is necessary, no matter what. If you need one, we can help you here at Hello Digital Marketing. We are based in Winnipeg, CA, and we create digital solutions for all types of businesses. Get in touch with us.