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Responsive Web Design: Why You Need It For Your Website

May 13, 2021
By Joshua Hay
responsive web design

Imagine how a business can survive online if it does not have a website—there will be no channel where people can see what they offer! If you think that an account on a social media platform is already enough, then you are wrong. You will need a website if you want to succeed online—or even just to survive the market! 

While that may be the case, having a website is also not yet enough. Beyond just having that platform online, you will need a website that is both responsive and compelling. 

Getting more interested? Read on to find out more.

What Does Having a Responsive Web Design Mean?

As the term implies, a responsive website means that it must be able to adapt and respond as per the client’s needs. When a user looks up for a certain product or service, the website should provide the details seamlessly! 

Not only that, the pages on the websites should be working well on any device—be it on your tablet or mobile phone. This gives a lot of convenience to the user because they can use your website anytime, anywhere!

The 4 Top Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

There’s no doubt a responsive website will provide various perks to online marketers. Listed below are their advantages:

1) It provides supreme functionality

If you don’t want your website visitors to leave after loading a page, ensure that your website is loading fast. Do not let the users wait for a lifetime just to get one page to load up! 

Have a professional website developer ensure that all your pages, posts, and images are loading properly. In failing to do so, users will simply abandon your site seconds before anything else loads!

2) It helps improve SEO

SEO is undoubtedly a critical element for a website to create an online presence. This is very important so that when your clients and customers use search terms or keywords, your website will appear on search engine results pages. Also, remember that Google loves indexing websites that are responsive—thus increasing your chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages.

3) It makes for easy maintenance

If you have a responsive and compelling website, you won’t need to worry about fixing issues too frequently. It’s nerve-wracking when your website is down or when certain pages are not working. The result: you lose money and customers, which is something you wouldn’t ever want to happen! 

What’s worse is having multiple websites to fix! Before the dawn of responsive websites, business owners had to manage multiple websites for different devices. This meant that when a certain element needed to be fixed, this had to be rolled out on multiple websites—meaning lots of time wasted on maintenance procedures!

With a responsive website, issues with functionality and speed will be reduced or eliminated—all while giving you a quicker time to resolve issues within just one website. 

4) It can help you stand out from the rest

You have probably already come across websites that do not look enticing to use and navigate through. Then, you try clicking on its pages, and the loading speed is such an irritating experience! 

Businesses, regardless of the size, must invest in a functional, eye-catching, and responsive website. It will help drive more traffic, generate sales, get more leads, and build engagement with the clients!


Every business owner must realize the importance of having a responsive website if they want to generate results. Although some of them may think that it would be expensive, the reality is that a good website can help them make an amazing ROI. Of course, for a website to be responsive and effective, the help of professional website designers should be sought!

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