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3 of the Best Web Design Practices for the Year 2020

December 30, 2020
By Joshua Hay
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Did you know that it takes 0.5 seconds for users to form their opinion about your website? They do because if even a single part of your website is not in order, then you’ll get the minimal one-page time and a pretty high bounce rate. Unlike the previous years, being able to host a website is not really anything to “ooh” and “ahhh” over anymore. A dedicated business website can be owned by anyone from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to multinational companies (MNCs).

A crucial part of being able to secure more conversions actually lies in web design. It will also let you enhance the on-page experience of users, as well as let your brand’s credibility improve.

Here are some of the best web design practices for the year 2020:

Compatibility Across Multiple Devices

Smartphones are practically an essential these days, and everyone uses their phone to check on emails and visit various websites. Even if your website looks great on a desktop format, if there’s a sense of clutter when it opens on the user’s tablet or phone, you can waste a number of potential leads. Ironpaper finds that 8 out of 10 users will click out of a website if it’s not looking right on their device.

If you’re not sure how your website performs on smartphones and similar devices, Google has a mobile-friendly test you can use.

Consistent Branding

Uneven branding on websites is one of the worst things, since they will end up looking like a complete mess. Instead, you must follow a branding approach that is consistent. Get a logo designed, choose a colour scheme, and use those elements across all of your web pages evenly, while ensuring that they’re not frequently in the user’s face.

Sweor says that around 38% of users will stop engaging with any website when the content or web layout is not to their liking. Your web design in Winnipeg should be able to reflect what your purpose is. Keep things clean and straightforward without going too extra with your design.

Quick Loading Time

When it comes to the loading time of a website, you should stick to the mantra that goes “the quicker, the better.” You are not the only option visitors have, and they will not wait for your web page to open when they can just click elsewhere.

Pages that have a 2-second loading time have a 9% bounce rate, according to Pingdom’s research. When the page loading time is 5 seconds, the bounce rate rises to a whopping 38%. For your website to load faster, some of the things you can do include using compressed media, filtering unnecessary plugins, and making the most of minimalist web design services.

Do your best not to breach the 3-second benchmark for standard page loading time.


Technology continuously advances, and so do website design practices. With everyone moving online, effective web design is now more important than ever. It is key to not just know of the best web design practices, but also implement them well.

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