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👋 [mpg_spintax project_id="3"]Hello Digital Marketing is a Canadian {web design|website design|website design and development} {agency|business|team} and since 2013 we've helped hundreds of {businesses|associations|organizations} across Canada {design|build} great websites and {online|digital} marketing strategies. If your {business|association|non-profit|company} is in need of expert {web design|website design|website design and development} services to help you {generate leads|increase brand awareness|grow your business} then simply reach out by clicking "say hello" or call one of our website {experts|pros|consultants} today.[/mpg_spintax]

WordPress Web Design for your {{mpg_city}} business

If your website is old, non-existent or hard to work with and isn't living up to your business expectations, it's time to say Hello! We offer WordPress website design and development services. We also work with associations, government and educational institutes looking for exceptional website design and support services.

Shopify e-commerce Partner

We're proud to be a certified Shopify Partner since 2013. We've built dozens of Shopify e-commerce websites for small and large businesses. Today we partner with established retailers looking to keep up with the fast-paced landscape of the online shopping world. If you partner with Hello, you're partnering with growth and insights into an always changing e-commerce world.

Always Ready to Help You Grow

When you partner with us on a website design project or retainer for your {{mpg_city}} business you're working with a team of curious and passionate individuals waiting to help you learn, design and build great digital experiences. To accomplish this we need to understand every aspect and gamut of your business and learn to best adapt strategies that will produce an amazing website but one that works to create efficiencies and save you time and money.

{{mpg_city}} Web Design Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. We do not bill by the hour, but we do bill for scope in our project and retainer program. Choose from fixed price monthly plans that best suit the needs of your business. We have no problem providing custom quotes and proposals if you provide a request for proposal. If not, we do provide discovery workshops to get all of the necessary details and feedback before we put a proposal together.

Let's talk about your {{mpg_city}} website today!

If you're tired of broken websites, delays for updates and costly fixes or haven't built a website yet, then say hello! Our Winnipeg team is ready to help you grow your {{mpg_city}} business.

Our Process

1. Discovery

We ask questions, and you tell us everything we need to know about your business, your users, your process, and your website design goals.

2. Build

We map out the tasks and requirements based on our discovery phase and begin documenting an overview of goals and objectives required to design, build and grow your business online.

3. Grow

In the Grow phase we work together on a monthly basis to discuss progress, new goals, sprints and growth opportunities. A website is never finished, gather insights and build for results!

I need a Website that

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Opens my Store to the World

Reach beyond your community with a functional, beautiful online store. Organize your items, list your services, and build a catalogue—big or small—for anyone across the globe to browse.

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Acts as my Marketing Hub

Nothing sells itself anymore—you need strategies and a clear process to accomplish your goals. Point people to your website, and let your website do the rest. And we will design your website so it does.

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Informs & Educates Visitors

You’re the expert in your field, and your website should reflect that statement.Make key information easy to access and consume for your audience and watch your business grow as a result.

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Manages Events and Memberships

Keep your members up to date with essential information and events—all in one place.You can even find out who might want to join before they reach out to you.

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Is Modern & Beautiful

User experience, optimization, and functionality are crucial quality points for your website. Responsive web design for all screen sizes matters when mobile users are at an all-time high.

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