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About the Project

Netley Millwork is a family owned and operated Custom Cabinet & Millwork shop located just north of Winnipeg. They have been in the business of designing and crafting custom solutions for their clients and partners since 1999.

Netley approached us with a need to establish a stronger online presence with a lead acquisition strategy that would help them grow their bottom line. Until now, Netley largely depended on word-of-mouth business to allow them to expand into their 25,000 sqft. facility north of Winnipeg.

Today, we continue to work with Netley on attracting qualified traffic and converting that traffic into business opportunities.

Say hello to their new website at:

Before Redesign


After Redesign


Project Results

The team at Netley required a better understanding of how their online marketing efforts were impacting their bottom line. We worked together through our website design process where we evaluated and built out buyer personas which helped us create a better user experience on the website and ultimately help drive prospects to become qualified leads - which was one of the main priorities of this engagement.

After launching the redesigned website we evaluated the impact the new experience had on the pipeline and sales experience and took things a step further by building out a kitchen planning tool and buyer funnel to help better prepare and qualify prospects looking to have a custom kitchen cabinet project with the Netley Team. 

Today we continue to provide insights to the Netley team and assist with various SEO and traffic generation campaigns where required. Since the launch of their new website we've helped increase qualified organic traffic and have increased their social presence on Instagram & Facebook.


Organic Traffic Increase

More sessions per visitor

Pageviews per visit

Decreased bounce rate


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