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Why Digital Marketing Success Starts with Solid Branding

October 22, 2020
By Joshua Hay
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Brand strategies serve as the blueprint for a company’s direction. Whether you’re a startup or a company that’s been around for a while, you need a strong brand strategy; it should form the bedrock of your digital marketing strategy and is the only way to build more growth. 

However, not all businesses recognize the importance of designing your brand. Here are some reasons why you should be intentional about how your business comes across to your audience.

Good branding helps define your purpose

Brand strategies help you articulate your vision, mission, and values and craft messages that communicate it. If you want to reach people, you need good branding; otherwise, you’re just throwing promotions or posts out there, hoping someone takes a liking to it.

The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study says 87 percent of consumers would buy a product based on the company’s values, so it’s vital that people see how your proclaimed values translate into your products and services. 

Your brand helps you build trust

Brands are not tangible things, but they come from people’s perception of you and their feelings about your products and services. If you want positive associations with your brand, you must cultivate trust, which involves authenticity, honesty, and transparency.

Brand strategies help you identify opportunities that improve customer experience and strengthen relationships. When you consistently meet or beat expectations, you’ll start to gain people’s trust.

Good branding helps you stand out

Chances are, there are thousands of businesses providing the same services you do. So, why should people choose your company? If you don’t articulate why people should partner with you, subscribe to your service, or buy your offerings, they will probably choose another company. Branding through digital marketing is crucial in clinching those on the fence about you.

Your brand influences how you collaborate

Robust brand strategies keep people working toward the same goal. When all teams have a high-level view of the company’s purpose through the brand, it seeps into the culture and keeps teams aligned.

Consequently, you can assign roles, allocate resources, and outline tasks effectively. Alignment is vital whether you’re improving on an existing product, preparing for a launch, or coming up with a marketing campaign. Aside from efficiency, it ensures cost-effectiveness.

Branding produces company culture

One of the best and most affordable ways of promoting your brand is having happy, fulfilled employees. Purpose-driven workers who serve at a company because they believe in its values cannot help but transmit their beliefs to everyone in their network. 

When your branding is right, all executive actions in your company will be values-based, from how you construct performance reviews to how you reward employees.

Good branding encourages innovation

It’s both exciting and scary to consider innovation in terms of company practices. However, if you have your branding down, you can be confident in people stepping up and proposing areas for growth.

Brand strategy is about choosing what you are, but also what you are not. Google’s “don’t be evil” policy is an example of this. When everyone in the company believes in your branding, they’ll know which innovations take you closer to your ideals and which ones lead you away from these.


As brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn notes in What Great Brands Do, “your brand can’t just be a promise; it must be a promise delivered.” When you’re clear about your company’s personality, goals, mission, and vision, you know what actions will genuinely serve customers.

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