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[INFOGRAPHIC] Turn Your Business Around with Retargeting!

July 8, 2020
By Team Hello

Don’t you miss the good old days of telemarketing, spam mail, printed pamphlets and radio

Er, no, no you don’t.
Which is why more and more businesses are stepping away from these outdated (and often
pricey) practices and diving into digital marketing.

However, marketing, digital or otherwise, is an eel, and what might work for one business might
fail spectacularly for another. Hence the need for hard facts and numbers. Because going with a
gut feeling will only take you so far before you faceplant in mud.

And if you check the infographic you will soon get a much clearer picture of what you’re up
against. And learn about retargeting. Yes, a pretty fantastic and fairly affordable practice that
can help you generate more income.

Retargeting, if we choose to define it as a virtual tugboat, is a powerful engine packed in a
minuscule package, gently bringing back those who came, took a look at your offer, and then
left without spending a pretty penny. And there are plenty of those around (98%).
Yet, the good news is that 70% of those who left your website sans purchasing anything are
more likely to return and do so after seeing retargeted ads which can then lead to a 147%
increase in conversion rates.

All this leads to the conclusion that it would be worthwhile to spend some time mastering the art
and skill of retargeting and then put it to good use. Because, if you have a great product or a
brilliant mobile app then failure to use all the available means (retargeting, retargeting,
retargeting) at your disposal to build a bridge between your business and the customer is

Everybody has a mobile device or several of them, almost everybody has a Facebook or
Instagram profile (then there is Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn too) and they all spend a good
portion of their day flipping through websites and often obsessively checking their social media accounts. It would be hard to find a more fertile ground for a booming business or a better place
for unleashing your carefully planned retargeting strategy.

[Infographic] Turn Your Business Around With Retargeting! 1