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10 Expensive ECommerce Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

February 1, 2023
By Joshua Hay
ecommerce web design

An excellent website design is crucial to a business’s success, especially if you own an eCommerce store. Promoting a positive user experience, establishing trust with visitors and customers, and boosting your rankings in search engines is essential. Since it is essential, you want to make sure that you are avoiding any eCommerce website design mistakes that arise when designing your website.

You’re better off leaving this crucial task to the professionals because they can help you become and stay competitive in the business world. While letting a reliable company design your website is essential, it’s also best to learn about the mistakes and how to avoid them. That way, you can provide better services. 

1. Using Flash Content

An eCommerce website design must be simple and quick to access, even with slow internet speeds. Too much flash content, like images and videos, can bog down the loading process and cause technical issues that could prevent the site from fulfilling its purpose. 

In the past flash content was heavily used so using flash content can also contribute to making your website look dated.

2. Compatibility Issues 

Being a responsible business owner means ensuring your eCommerce website design works well across all devices. As more people use smartphones to access websites, eCommerce platforms must have a responsive design and be compatible with the device. Professional designers can do this by optimizing them for all devices and reducing the loading time. 

3. Wrong Themes or Plugins 

For many eCommerce business owners, choosing a website design for your online store can be daunting. You can avoid using the wrong themes or plugins by creating a list of features you need, available built-in plugins, and the potential for custom coding. That way, you can ensure the template is suitable for your store’s design and needs. 

4. No Design Consistency

Website designers apply the Golden Ratio Rule to ensure the eCommerce site’s consistent design. It means following specific guidelines to create a pleasing and uniform layout that’s easy to navigate and use. Moreover, the Golden Ratio Rule means ensuring that the elements have the correct spacing, complementing and balancing colours, and arranging fonts and images in a unified way. 

5. Inappropriate Image Sizes 

Many eCommerce websites need help to create a consistent look and feel for their design. You can create a seamless and professional look using images of the exact resolution and size. Using high-quality and crisp photos is also crucial because it will create a positive user experience and attract visitors. Otherwise, it can make the store look unappealing and drive away potential leads. 

6. Faulty Navigation 

Online stores must have good navigation and validation coding to provide a positive user experience. If the links on your project page lead to other unrelated products, it can be confusing and frustrating for the user. Designers must create solutions that address navigation issues to ensure the online store functions properly.

7. Web Hosting Issues 

You must find a reliable web hosting provider with robust security protocols to ensure dependability and security, primarily when eCommerce sites today are investing in cloud hosting services. 

8. Compromised Security and Privacy 

An effective website design and positive user experience begin by ensuring data security, minimizing data capture, integrating the right system, avoiding pop-ups, and following eCommerce website templates. 

9. Trust Issues on the Website 

You can boost trust in your website design by providing product details, pricing, and specifications, including an About Us page and contact page with support information, and using HTTPS security and trust-certified payment gateway solutions. 

10. Design Planning Issues

Good eCommerce website design can make your site successful. You can research existing sites to understand data and process flow. That way, you can find the best website templates.

Conclusion on ECommerce Website Design Mistakes

Your eCommerce website design can make or break your online store’s success. Avoiding these expensive mistakes and working with a professional designer can help establish trust and boost your visibility. 

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