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The 5 Simple Steps You Need To Follow When Qualifying Your Website Leads

May 15, 2017
By Team Hello

In the marketing world, generating leads is only half of the battle won.

Even after you’ve generated strong leads for your product or service, you’ll have to qualify them, and ensure that you’re not wasting your time, effort, and marketing dollars by going after unobtainable customers.

So to help you as you’re qualifying website leads and moving them down the “sales funnel”, we’ve put together this handy 5-step list that will ensure you’re only talking to the most qualified leads and prospects! Read on, and learn with us!

1. See If They’re The “Decision Maker”

If you’ve got a great lead, the first step you should take is to see if they’re the “decision maker” at the company. Simply put, you want to make sure that the person you’re selling is actually capable of making a decision to buy your product.

If you’re talking to a more low-ranked member of an interested company, try to learn why – and schedule a meeting or a call with the true “decision maker”. This is when you’ll really want to start selling your product.

2. Understand What They Already Have

In sales, the key to success is knowledge. Once you’ve got a lead, begin asking them specific questions about the products and services that they currently use.

Doing so will allow you to get a better idea of their specific needs, and understand how your company can help. Get as much detail as possible, and use this information to sell your services or products more effectively.

3. Learn How They Feel About Their Current Product Or Service

This is just as important as the previous step. Once you understand the services and products a potential lead is using, it’s time to pop the question: “How do you really feel about [your current product or service]?”.

Chances are, there is a reason they’re talking to you in the first place – and they’d be more than happy to share what they like (or dislike) about their current product.

This information is absolutely invaluable during the final “presentation” phase. Understanding a lead’s preferences allows you to tailor your presentation to their needs, and have a more effective overall sales strategy.

4. Determine If They’re Able To Switch To Your Company

The next step should be determining if they’re ready (or able) to switch to your company’s products or services.

You may think that this is a given – why would they call you if they’re not ready to buy? – but you’d be surprised how many businesses “window shop” for new business partners.

Budget issues, service contracts, and other details can often mean that potential clients look for new partners months ahead of time. So ask some “time-qualifying” questions whenever you’re talking to a new lead.

Are they going to be able to switch to your company at all? When? What needs to be done to sell your services to them today? This knowledge will help you prioritize leads more effectively, and build a better sales funnel.

5. Find Out If Your Product Is (Actually) Better

Contrary to popular belief, honesty is crucial in sales. After you get all the information you need about the services or products that your potential lead is using, ask yourself a simple question.

“Can I really offer them a better service/product?” Usually, the answer is “yes!” – especially if your company sells fantastic products. But sometimes, the answer will be “no.”

That’s okay! Sometimes, a prospect is better off staying with their current service or product – and if you tell them that, they will appreciate your honesty. And if they have a problem weeks, months, or even years down the line, they’ll remember your business – and you’ll have a much better chance of making a sale!

Follow These Steps To Marketing Success!

These tips will help you make the process of qualifying website leads and prospects much more efficient, saving your company valuable time and money.

So next time you’re qualifying a website lead, remember these tips, and use them to ensure sales success!