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3 Quick Tips For Better Blog Posts

September 20, 2016
By Team Hello

By now, you probably understand the value of blogging to grow your website and generate leads. 

Yes, it’s been said to death. As a result, many businesses spew out a handful of blog posts each week with high hopes that it’ll have a 10,000% return on investment. (Spoiler: It won’t.)

Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you get closer to that goal and attract more prospects.

Here are 3 tips for better blog posts:

Visual.png  #1 – Make It Visual

There’s not much that’s worse than landing on a web page that looks like this:

Source: Wikipedia

That wall of text is exhausting, and people know that, somewhere out there, a better resource exists. That means they’ll leave your website and won’t come back.

Sure, it’s easy to get carried away and want to share all of your ideas with the world, but the world doesn’t care about it if the idea isn’t digestible.

How Can I Make It More Visual?

Break up your text into small paragraphs. Add images and small visual elements. Use styling on some text. Anything to add some visual differentiation for the reader is good.

Expectations.png  #2 – Set Expectations

Setting expectations is one of the best life habits you can build, and it carries into everything you do. Expectations give you an idea of what results will look like, including timing, costs, and final product. 

Setting expectations will help lower bounce rates, since it’s basically the opposite of click-bait, which only has one purpose: getting you to click. Whatever happens after that click doesn’t matter.

How Can I Set Expectations?

There are a few ways of setting expectations, and you should be doing it every time.

Our post title, “3 Quick Tips For Better Blog Posts”, implies that there will be three main points. This gives you, the reader, some idea of the article’s length.

Another common method is to put a time length on your site:


Source: Patrick’s Website

See the “3 min read” in the bottom left corner? Subtle, but helpful.

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Skim.png  #3 – Make It Skimmable

Even with established expectations, it’s still best to imagine that most people won’t read your blog posts or articles. It’s sad, and it’s completely true: 43% of people will skim a blog post, while only 29% will read them thoroughly.

Imagine that someone will only take away about 20% of your message. But that doesn’t mean writing less, as long-form writing still has its value and appeal. Instead, create two levels of writing: The skimmable version and the full version.

How Do I Make A “Skimmable Version”?

It’s actually pretty easy—bolding, linking, and styling key parts of your text.

In fact, if you go through our post, you’ll notice that the major ideas are highlighted for quick consumption. The rest is there for anyone with longer attention spans.

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