Clay Oven


For several years, Winnipeg’s premier family-owned East Indian restaurant has been using the web to serve customers. This spring, it was time to update the website layout with a new design that also accommodates the ever-growing number of mobile users. We created a responsive website design for Clay Oven using WordPress and a number of choice plugins. This new system makes it easy for the … Read More

CJNU – 93.7 FM


One of Winnipeg’s many well-respected radio stations, Nostalgia Radio – CJNU 93.7, is a not-for-profit cooperative dedicated to keeping classic music alive. As part of this mission, they needed an up-to-date website which would allow quick and easy donations, help new members join the cooperative, and – most importantly – listen to the great selection of classic music online.  There’s even a program schedule so … Read More