Let’s get one thing straight:

It’s not 1998, and blogging no longer means sharing an online diary with the world. Today, blogging is about creating articles and content that focuses on educating and entertaining your potential customers.

One effective way to prove your expertise is to share your knowledge with the world. Blogging also grows your website, and provides a databank for anyone to browse. Blogging gives you content to share on social media, and makes you more visible online.

Every business has something of value to share with their customers, from basic knowledge on identifying problems, right down to full how-to guides. Your business should be sharing a variety of content for people at different levels of the buyer’s journey to really take advantage of the power of blogging.

Here’s The Process:

  • Connector.

    First, We Talk.

    We discuss options for topics. Your blog can either focus on building an archive of your expertise in the industry, or you can choose to share timely news with your followers. Either way, we need ideas to build out the blog post.

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    What's The Word?

    Next, we pick a keyword to place within the blog post. This will help earn traffic to your blog post on Google and other search engines. Then, we write a minimum of 350 words and about 1000, max. This also helps you earn a better ranking on search engines.

  • Connector.

    Let's Write!

    Finally, we create a stunning blog post image, and format your blog post for two reading levels. The first level is “skimmability”— which decided how skimmable the blog post is. The second level is a thorough-reading level. This ensures there’s enough content for people who want more info to dive into your post and stay for a while.

Once the post is approved, it’s launched for the world to enjoy—and then we begin again.

Top Tips for blogging today
  • Always include a call to action in your post.
  • Include links to other websites and pages. This is good for search engine purposes.
  • Stick to one idea per post. Too many ideas overwhelm readers.
  • Ideally, your post should have between 750 and 2,000 words.
  • Create a series with your posts to encourage recurring visitors.

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